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Stylish Dresses That are Under $50

Aastha Dogra Jan 9, 2019
Finding a beautiful dress, that too in your budget, is not an easy task. But with the tips given here, you will see how easy it all can be to find dresses under $50, and be absolutely thrilled about it.
If you are someone regular at parties and clubs, it does not make any sense to splurge money on buying cocktail dresses every time you are out attending a social do.
For the simple reason that any dress you buy, you would not be repeating it for more than two or three times. After all, for fashion-conscious women, it's a blunder to be caught in the same dress twice! So, rather than putting money in expensive designer clothing, go in for inexpensive ones that fit your budget.
If you thought that buying cocktail dresses under $50 means that you have to compromise on the designs and patterns, then let me tell you that this is far from true. Today, you will find a wide variety of designs, patterns, styles, and colors that can give expensive dresses a run for their money.

Choosing a Style

Knee-Length Dress

As far as the latest fashion trends go, these days, one-shoulder knee-length dresses are the in thing. These dresses for homecoming suit women who have shapely arms and chiseled collar bones.
There are plenty of designs to choose from right from the plain ones to the striped ones, to the ones which come with a ruffle!

Mini Dress

The strapless mini dresses are another most sought after dresses this season. The ones with an empire waistline, which are fitted from top and free-flowing underneath the waist, are very hot currently!
Go in for the ones which come with sequin work, a bow, crystals, or beads as embellishments to add a little zing to your looks! For those of you who want to look cute and sexy, strapless dresses which have tiers below the waist or are bubble-shaped from the hemline, are a good option.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses which come with a jacket look very elegant and graceful on women who are on the heavier side. The jacket hides the arms and broad shoulders really well. Wrap dresses, especially the ones with an empire waist, fit very nicely on women who have a large bottom and tummy.

What about the Color

Choose some very unusual and unique colors. You must have seen that at parties, almost half of the women come dressed in black.
Why not experiment a bit and choose some bright colors such as red, purple, pink, blue, and orange, which will make you stand out from the rest!
White too, is a very uncommon color for an evening dress and will make heads turn, if worn with the right accessories.

Where Should you Shop from

For buying these dresses, Internet is one of the best resources. Many online stores will offer you a huge variety in inexpensive cocktail dresses, which you can get for as little as thirty dollars. The only drawback is that you won't be able to try on the dresses, to see how they look on you.
End of season sales at various clothes boutiques and stores will get you some of the finest dresses for half the price! Another alternative is a secondhand store. You can get some really good deals for formal dresses at a secondhand store.
Before buying the dress though, try it on and look at it carefully to ensure that there are no stains, tears, or holes.
As you can see, there is no dearth of options for finding dresses under $50. When the dress is inexpensive, the right fashion accessories and quality women's shoes can make up for it.
As you can mix and match various accessories with a number of dresses, so buy few pairs of crystal chandeliers, elegant high-heeled strappy sandals and pumps, bracelets and sequined or beaded clutches. These ensembles and some good makeup will surely turn you into a gorgeous, chic, head turner!