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Amazing Dresses Under 20 Dollars

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 21, 2018
It's that time of the year again when you need to update your wardrobe and get some new clothes. If you are on a budget then don't fret, because we bring to you some gorgeous dresses under 20 dollars.
Changing your wardrobe every season is what most of many would like to do. However with a budget, getting expensive designer wears seems like a distant dream. But that doesn't mean that you should not update your wardrobe for this spring/summer.
Even on a budget it is possible to dress in the latest fashion and look chic and elegant.
Dresses are a summer staple and this season the focus is on floral patterns with large botanical prints in eye popping colors. Unlike last season when small floral patterns in soft and muted colors were seen on all over the runway, this year floral prints are bolder and edgier.
Short dresses in empire cut as well as mid thigh dresses with drop waist are some of the trendiest fashion this year. Want to know what are the latest designs and styles in cheap dresses and where you can find dresses under 20 dollars. Here are the answers.

Latest Designs and Styles of Dresses Under 20 Dollars

As mentioned earlier one of the biggest trends this season is floral patterns. Choose large printed floral pattern dresses in A-line or empire line silhouettes with either puffed sleeves or cap sleeves.
This type of dresses in materials like cotton, linen and cotton blend are just right for summer and can be worn for a casual lunch out with friends.
For evening wear, you can try a more dressy silhouette like a mid thigh length silk floral dress with waterfall sleeves or sleeveless chiffon floral dress with crochet waist detailing with button front.
Interesting details like ruffles at the sleeves and pleats at the bodice of such dresses makes them look chic and stylish.
Another trend that shows no signs of slowing is the nautical print dress. A blue and white nautical print dress with a sweetheart neckline and a sash at the waist is just what you need to look cool and stylish even in the sweltering heat.
Pair such nautical print dresses with nude platform pumps and long gold chain to look chic and fashionable. For evenings you can choose a more streamlined eyelet lace dress with over sized white collars and a fitted bodice.
A must have dress in your summer wardrobe is the tunic dress. It is comfortable and looks good on almost all body shapes and structures.
Choose one shouldered tunic dress with side sash for day wear and a silk asymmetric tunic dress with boat neck and draped overlay panel along one side in a watercolor print for evenings

Where to Find Dresses Under 20 Dollars

Now that you know which are the latest trends in dresses for this season, let's come to the most important question. Where to find such cheap summer dresses. Just because your budget is tight does not mean that you cannot dress in the latest fashion.
Clothing stores like Forever 21, TopShop, H&M, Mango and Promod. You can even try Walmart to get some of the best designs in dresses at a very low price.

You can also try purchasing such dresses online as you can get a huge discount, helping you to stay fashionable on a budget. Online shopping stores have a lot of variety and dresses are available in any size that you want.
Online shopping has evolved a lot and you can view the dress you want to buy from different angles which makes it easier for you to choose the best one. Online clothing stores like Outnet, ShopStyle, Wet Seals, Fashion4us and Alloy have the latest designs in dresses under $20.
Finding dresses under $20 is not as difficult as it seems. You should know where to purchase these dresses from. Look out for sales in your favorite clothing stores and stock on the trendiest dresses. Now that you know how to look fashionable even on a budget, you can go ahead and update your summer wardrobe.