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Stylishly Ravishing Dresses to Wear With Leggings

Dresses to Wear With Leggings
To those of you who are apprehensive about wearing dresses with leggings, it's now time to shed your inhibitions. Get creative because leggings are back with a bang, and are here to stay. We give you some styling tips.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Until very recently, leggings were not considered stylish by most women hence, were never given a second thought. However, today, leggings have made a comeback, and how! They are worn as pants, with dresses, even with skirts, and still manage to look exceptionally stylish. Dress them up or dress them down and you will still remain the talk of the town.
The Hemline Hustle
Mini dress
Length is a key factor when it comes to pairing a dress with leggings. Leggings are an ideal choice if you are opting for a short dress. Teaming a mini dress with leggings provides you with a lot of comfort and ease of movement. You can look chic without worrying about showing too much skin.
Mid thigh dress
Layering this dress with leggings can be a perfect look. Adding leggings to such a dress is a smart option, as the dress ends at a tricky length, and the leggings will provide the slimming effect or the height and definition that you are looking for.
Knee skimming dress
This is the longest length of a dress that you can pair with leggings. Layering a dress that ends at the top of your knees can provide warmth on those cold days, or simply when you are not in the mood to reveal.
Variety is the Spice of Life
Leggings are available in a wide variety of options. First and foremost, they come in different lengths - mid-calf, ankle, and full length. The mid-calf length gives a very casual look and is a great choice for tall women. Ankle-length leggings are the most popularly worn ones. What adds to their popularity is the fact that they suit all body-types.

Leggings also come in a plethora of fabrics today. The most commonly available ones are the cotton and lycra options. A recent trend that rose to popularity on the fashion charts was the jeggings. These give a smart, feminine appearance along with the comfort of wearing pants. Shiny leggings are a favorite among many women for clubwear.

Leggings went up by a few notches on the trend meter when they were introduced with prints. Floral or animal print leggings teamed with a monochrome dress look very chic. Stripes, polka dots, lace and geometric prints are some more options to choose from.

An extremely popular trend ruling the fashion charts is teaming neon leggings with a solid colored dress. Nothing adds a burst of color as well as this trend. Black may be the go-to option for most of us, but that does not stop some others from experimenting. Colored leggings like navy blue and brown are gaining immense popularity among women. If neon is not your style, you can add color to your look by opting for other fun options like deep purple or maroon.
A Shoe-y Affair
The right kind of footwear can either make or break your outfit when paired with leggings. Ballerina flats look ├╝ber-cute and casual when teamed with mid-calf length leggings. They add a girly touch to your look. With ankle-length leggings, you can add oomph to your outfit by opting for wedges or stilletoes. Another fashionable choice is to go in for boots. Long leggings and ankle-length boots are an extremely stylish and edgy choice.

Fashion is all about style coupled with comfort. And leggings are the perfect option to abide by this rule and look fashionable.