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These Party Dresses are All the Rage, Wear Them for All the Gaze

Dresses to Wear to a Party
Have a party invitation and wondering what to wear? This article will help you choose the dress you should wear to a party, be it casual or a formal event.
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Rummaging through your closet again ladies? Have that party to attend where you have to look perfect and fit in comfortably? Well, there is no reason to worry. I am here to help you with the perfect dress for every party. So no matter what the reason or the occasion for the party, the following sections will help you with the perfect dress you should wear to a party, be it a club attire or the formal ones.
Every time I have to dress up for a party, the scene from Bridget Jones's Diary keeps playing in my mind, where she is the only one dressed as a bunny, amongst an elegantly dressed crowd. I am sure none of us want to pull a 'Bridget'. Women's clothing can be a tricky affair due to the innumerable choices, that will leave you exhausted and still with no perfect dress to wear for the occasion. Wearing the right dress is one of the most crucial things when attending a party. So ladies, only if you relax, can you manage carrying off that perfect party outfit. It's a party, time to have fun, read on to know what to wear for parties and gel in!
A Fun Night Out
If you are going out with your friends for a fun club night or pub crawling on the weekends, then here are some ideas to dress up for such occasions. Considering you are going to have fun, you also need to be in something comfortable but at the same time the outfit should spell chic. A sequined dress, probably a cowl neck, is a lovely option. A little shimmer and bling will work out very well. Carry a small clutch probably in a snazzy color to go with your outfit. There are a range of cute club dresses you could choose from. If you are going to be dancing, peep toe kitten heels will look stylish and also won't wear your legs out while dancing! If you are wearing a cowl neck sequined dress, a pair of metallic earrings are the way to go. Work with these tips and am sure you will look stunning.
Date Night
If you are going out with your date for the first time, then going a little subtle would be a safer option. You don't want to look like a bling doll and scare off your date, but then it does not mean you need to go completely dull. A blend of bling and sophistication is what you need. I may sound cliché, but black never goes wrong for any party. A nice black knee length dress with pumps is a complete stunner. You could go for a nice dainty bracelet teamed up with dangling earrings that match. Carry it off with confidence, almost a look that says you know you are looking gorgeous, and I am sure your date will be floored.
Formal Dinner Parties or Proms
A formal sit down dinner party is an affair where you need to drop out the crazy and bring in the elegance. If it's formal, a plain fabric is the best choice in the formal party dress section. Too much of print is a little out of place. A gown is a good choice given the nature of the formal event. So take a look at a few Hollywood A lister's gowns and prom dresses to get an idea of the perfect choice for you. A long flowing dress would look lovely for a prom night. A nice chunky ring would go very well with these dresses.
Day Dresses
Day events would include all the cute dresses. Looking cute and energized for a day event is the mantra. If it is brunch that you are attending or any day event that you could term as a party then go a little different than your evening wear. Think of summer party dresses with floral prints, short ones that look absolutely cute. If its spring or summer an A-line sun-dress teamed with the perfect pair of summer shoes or sandals will never go wrong. A printed empire waist short dress is my personal favorite. A contrasting belt around it looks amazing. Let your hair down literally. Do not go for complicated hairstyles for an afternoon event. Look fresh, and add the lovely smile and am sure you will have heads bobbing!
Lastly, carry the confidence, paired with a flashy smile and you will never go wrong with the party attire. So whether it's time to boogie or sit down and clink wine glasses, remember you look good only when you feel good!
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