Distressed Skinny Jeans

Distressed skinny jeans look cool. You can buy one or make it yourself. Here are some tips on shopping for these jeans, and some tricks on making a great looking jeans yourself.
Fashionhance Staff
Skinny jeans are the latest fashionable jeans around that everyone wants. They can be seen worn by men, women, teens, everybody. To make your jeans look unique and cool, try wearing distressed skinny jeans. Distressed jeans are not uncommon to the fashion world, but you should know how much distressed the jeans should actually be. Too much or too less of distressed work on the jeans won't render the right look. Skinny jeans come in various colors. But classic are the blue jeans. However, you can go for black, green or some funky colored skinny jeans too. Here are some tips on how to make your own distressed jeans, without having to spend too much. Also, there are some shopping tips for those who don't have the patience to work on the distressed jeans project themselves.
All the distressed jeans you see on shopping sites or in the stores are made to look distressed by using certain techniques. However, you can create a similar looking pair of distressed jeans by yourself. One just needs to know the right technique. Here are some tips on making your own jeans, and some tips on shopping ready-made jeans for those who don't have time or patience to make one.
Making Your Own Distressed Jeans
To make your jeans look distressed, the best tools are sandpaper, a razor blade, a paper cutter knife, pumice stones, and a cheese grater. So choose your weapon of choice, and get to work. Each tool offers a different control and effect, so you can choose accordingly. Sandpaper gives more control, while a paper cutter knife will help you finish the job faster. If you want to distress only one side of the jeans, then put a block of wood or a plastic pipe inside the jeans, and then work on the jeans. Start rubbing the tool on areas which would have gotten distressed naturally. These include the sides of the hip, the seat, front of the thighs, the knee is a major region, and around the ankles, and not to forget the bottom end of the jeans.
Keep rubbing the tool and check the intensity at which you have distressed it. Once satisfied, move to the next area. Once you are done distressing the overall jeans, you can add some prominent distressing near the hips. As one tends to sit, there are folds created on the hip region of the jeans. So use the tool and start additional distressing in two to three horizontal lines at the front of the hip, below the pockets. To add more, make some small cuts at the bottom end of the jeans. If you want the jeans to look torn and really old, make a small cut, and then start rubbing the edges around the cut to make it look natural. Make sure you don't go overboard by adding too many cuts on the jeans. If you want, you can also use bleach to make the jeans old and soft. Handle the bleach with care, to prevent burning of the skin. Once done with the jeans, put it for a wash in cold water, for one or two cycles.
Some Shopping Tips
You can find many expensive or cheap skinny jeans online. You can buy a pair of distressed jeans for as low as 10 dollars, or buy a designer pair of distressed jeans for over 200 dollars. However, both of them look great, so it depends upon which jeans you like or fits you better. You can buy them at a mall, or special brands stores. Shopping online is not a good idea, as you won't be able to try out the jeans. But if you do wish to buy it online, then check out sites like shopstyle, polyvore, like, 15dollarstore, ebay, amazon, etc.
So grab a great looking pair of distressed jeans, and wear them with some causal top or T-shirt. With them, you can wear ballerina shoes, ankle-high boots or sneakers. So, you can let your creativity out, grab that old pair of jeans lying idle and recycle it into a distressed one, or enjoy shopping for them online.