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Dapper Disco Clothes

Disco clothes of the 70s and 80s, have a timeless vintage appeal. Read these useful tips to get a disco look.
Aastha Dogra Nov 22, 2018
So you have been invited to a costume party where the theme is 'disco', but have no clue how to get that loud retro look. Getting the disco look of the 70s and 80s is actually quite fun and easy. Don't believe me? Just follow these simple tips and you will be ready to rock at the party.

For Women

There are a lot of options available for women to choose from. In the 70s with the advent of the hippie movement, and feminism being at its peak, women had embraced the concepts of independence and sexual freedom.
This assertion of their sexuality, strength and individuality was reflected greatly in their clothing, which ranged from mini skirts to maxis to hot pants. Even cat suits, with large tropical and exotic prints on them became quite a rage. So when choosing disco clothes, you can opt for any of these clothing styles.
The most famous clothing style during this period was dresses which had halter necks, so if you are going in for a cat suit, choose the one with a halter neck.
Remember, the material of disco clothing should be bright and shiny.
Polyester was the in thing during the 70s and the 80s decade, so get a dress with this fabric, to give yourself an authentic disco look. If you intend to dress in a lady like manner, you can wear an empire line dress. Empire line dresses which had Indian style sequin work on them, were very popular as evening wear during those years.
As far as hair is concerned, long, loose hair were quite an in thing those days. So, if you have long hair, leave them open, if you do not, you can wear a wig.
You can get your hair permed, as permed hair were also a popular trend in that era.

For Men

To get disco clothes ideas, think "Elvis Presley". You can wear jump suits, village people costumes or leisure suits to get a disco look. Tight pants with flares near the foot can be teamed with tight body hugging shirts. Bell bottoms can be worn too.
Displaying one's chest hair, by keeping two three buttons of the shirt open, was considered very fashionable in those days. So, you can do the same.
If you are planning to wear formal evening dresses, you can go in for white colored dinner jackets or smoking jackets, and flaunt a fedora on your head.
For hair, go for Afros, i.e thick curly hair, or pompadours, i.e a hair style with a raised hair flick, in the front, on the forehead. And lastly, your disco look will be incomplete without either of platform shoes or wingtips, so do not forget to wear these.

For Kids

Disco clothes for kids are of the same kind as those of adults. If it's for a girl, you can choose frilly mini skirts with a halter neck blouse. For boys, it can be a bell bottom and a tight shirt.
An accessory that became very popular with the teens during the 70s and 80s, were handwoven friendship bracelets. So, these can be worn by kids to accessorize their clothing.
Disco clothes always have to be in loud colors. To get that look, sprinkle glitter on your body at various places as well as the face. Makeup of loud colors such as purple and blue should be used.
For women, fake eye lashes, and for men fake gold jewelry, along with awkwardly matched clothes and an equally daring attitude, will do the trick.