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Different Types of Watch Bands

Watches are an acceptable jewelry at every occasion because a grand watch band can easily replace bracelets and make you look elegant. Which is why, it would be nice to have a collection of colors and designs of bands, that you can wear for specific occasions.
Fashionhance Staff
Since time immemorial, watches have been a part of acceptable accessories for men and an addition to a pieces of jewelry for women. With myriad patterns and styles, there is a watch that catches every eye and fits every wrist. From Roman numbered dials imitating the medieval times to modern ones from the high street fashion lines, wearing a watch does say something about your social status. The intricately crafted dial of the wrist watch, the strap of the watch that brings it on the ramp, deserves a second look.
Watch bands are made out of different materials. Interestingly, you can change the type of watch band to your choice by just unhooking it. So with a variety of options to pick from, you would totally be spoiled for choice. Besides picking a watch band which matches your outfit, there are a few more factors that you may have to consider too. So if you are confused about which watch would look good on your wrist, then find out a little more about the different types of watch bands.
Different Styles of Wristbands
Have a look at these different types of bands, and then see what will suit your particular needs the best, besides looking into the fashion aspect.
Watch Band What It Holds for You
Leather Band Watches Nothing beats the classic leather watch look. Rugged to look at, they have a masculinity to them that no other kind of watch band can match. There are innumerable shades of leather bands and a style made for every choice. A simple stitching on the top the band, which is in contrast with the band, will give it the sporty look. If you want one for formal wear, then pick a classic black one. The look of a genuine leather band, does make it perfect for all kinds of wrists.
Military Band Watches The charm of men in the armed forces is definitely an undeniable one. An imitation of their watches, is for those who love a little adventure and risk. These watch bands usually sport colors like olive-green, black, mud brown, and sometimes steel as well. The other options include leather straps and nylon. Pick these straps if you are an outdoor person and like to rough it out. These are moisture and water-resistant, and can endure harsh treatments too.
Metallic Band Watches Watches do make a hole in the pocket. So if you are looking for a one time buy, then a bracelet or a metallic strap is the one for you. As compared to any other kind of wristbands, these are highly durable and outlast others. These watches are designed for both men and women, and in different colored polishes as well. Easy to use, metallic straps are sturdy and generally go well with most outfits.
Titanium Band Watches Extremely light in weight and characterized by high durability, there are few chances that a watch strap made out of titanium would break. It is now commonly being used to craft sport watches and bracelet watches. This rust proof metal is slightly expensive as compared to stainless steel, but is definitely worth a steal!
Precious Metals' Band Watches These are not new to the world of watches. Besides being just gold, silver or platinum plated, these are the straps that are totally made out mentioned metals. Pretentious for the pocket and risky to the wrist, these watches do make a good investment in the years to come. So, they are worth the time you spend on owning them, or then you could go in for the beaded watch bands that look good, but do not yield as much!

Do not buy exotic bands made from contraband leather as they are made out of the skin of endangered animals. A demand for them would only mean supporting poaching activities and driving the ecosystem into greater havoc.
While buying a watch, analyze your needs, instead of opting for a watch that suits a certain style. For instance, if you are an outdoor person, pick a sturdy watch that will endure the outdoor adventures. On the contrary, if you are buying a watch for formal wear, then a delicate make will suffice your need. A watch is not just a time teller, but an extension of your personality. So pick the right one!