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Understanding the Different Types of Sweaters for Men and Women

Different Types of Sweaters for Men and Women
Sweaters are our wardrobe staples. We need them not just to protect ourselves from cold, but to be a little more stylish too. Read on to know how you can spice up your look, everyday, with the various styles in sweaters.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Confusing... eh?
There are just two basic types as such in sweaters: pullovers and cardigans. Pullovers are literally pulled over the head, whereas cardigans have buttons in front. But, the types get complicated as various neck styles, materials, and patterns start coming in the picture!
Sweaters are an essential part of our wardrobe. From thick woolen ones for intense cold to the light casual ones, we have got it all. Do you think sweaters are just a necessity? Not at all! They have become more of a fashion staple these days.
And why not? After all, there are so many types of sweaters available that you can flaunt a new style for every occasion. Most sweaters are made of natural fibers like wool or cotton. Cashmere sweaters are the softest, and the costliest ones available. Sometimes silk is added to cashmere to make them extra soft. You can also get sweaters made of synthetic materials or blends of various fabrics.
We list down the most popular kinds of sweaters in the upcoming sections.
V-neck Sweater
v neck men
v neck women
V-neck sweaters are extremely flattering, as they make you look slimmer. The neckline suits both the sexes. These look really good when layered with dressy tops or jackets. You can also dress up or dress down your sweater with some chic accessories. A simple solid-colored v-neck will look very cool with a nice black or brown jacket.
turtleneck women
Black Turtleneck
Turtlenecks have got that wintery feeling and are perfect for those snowy winters. You can also have one in a light fabric for casual wear. A nice fitting turtleneck sweater with a jacket makes an easy and chic outfit. Pair with a blazer for a party, or a formal skirt for work. Very versatile, we say! You can also opt for a roll neck which has a smaller collar that can be slightly rolled up.
Sweater Vest
vest men
vest women
These are sleeveless sweaters which come in all sorts of necklines, v-neck being the most popular one. Sweater vests look very sexy when worn on shirts or paired with suits. These look absolutely dashing on men. A smart shirt with formal trousers, a fitted vest, and suit make a truly trendy combination.
sweaters/cardigan men
cardigan women
Cardigans open from the front, and usually have buttons or zips. They don't have collars and are made of thinner fabric. They are perfect when there's a slight chill in the air, but it's not too cold. They also provide a lot of scope for experimentation as they are like jackets.
crewneck men
crewneck women
The most popular neck type is the round neck, also known as crewneck. This style flatters almost everybody, and is equally popular with both men and women. Though we love it for its comfort and effortless style, it's time to move to different cuts and styles.
Whatever be the type of sweater, it is very important to take extra care when washing them. Some delicate ones should be washed by hand. Do remember to thoroughly check the care instructions on the label when buying one.