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What to Look for While Buying Diamond Tennis Bracelets for Women

Khushnuma Irani Apr 14, 2019
You don't need to be Serena Williams or Martina Hingis to adorn a diamond tennis bracelet. Wear your bracelet off the court with style and class.
For all those diamond tennis bracelet lovers out there, you can thank Chris Evert. Tennis bracelets came to be popular or came to be known when Chris Evert lost her ever-present diamond bracelet during the 1987 US Open Tennis Championship.
She requested for the match to be suspended till she found her bracelet. That is how we got the Diamond 'Tennis' Bracelet. More and more tennis players are now wearing bracelets during matches, like Gabriella Sabatini and Serena Williams.

Style Statement

Diamonds are a woman's best friend. So why shouldn't a woman adorn herself with beautiful diamonds on her slender wrist. A diamond tennis bracelet is the best way to glamorize yourself without being too bling.
But wouldn't a bracelet be distracting while playing a game of tennis? Wouldn't the delicate bracelet be in the danger of falling off or snapping? After all, this was the problem that Chris Evert faced and was the very reason the bracelet got popular.
It is important that the bracelet be sized to the circumference of the wrist of the wearer. If the bracelet is loose there is a possibility that it will fall off or slip off your wrist. Also, there is a risk that the bracelet can break while wearing if it is too tight.
Hence the measurement is of utmost importance. The clasp and securing device of the bracelet should be appropriate as well. After all, if you are paying big bucks for a row of quality diamonds, you do not want to lose it because it wasn't secure enough on your wrist.
This style of bracelet has a very simple and elegant design. A single row of quality diamonds set in gold, white gold, or platinum interspersed with bars of the precious metal in between. The diamonds are affixed using the prong style. This is the most popular style, but this style has evolved over the years.

Not So Much for Tennis

Though the name implies that these diamond bracelets be worn during a game of tennis, in fact, the contrary is true. The bracelet is not suited to be worn during a game of tennis.
This bracelet is more suitable for a cocktail dinner, an evening spent watching the opera or for that classy brunch at the country club. Very few women can afford to wear such an expensive piece of jewelry to a game of tennis, where the bracelet may be lost of damaged.
You can even be innovative with your bracelet. If you have two bracelets and the kind that are interlinked with an S-shaped link, then you can convert the bracelet into a classy necklace. Versatile isn't it!
There is so much you can do with this timeless piece of jewelry. Dress it up at night with that little black dress or dress it down during the day with a classic white shirt. One little bracelet with so many uses. Makes it worth the cost, doesn't it?