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Buying a Diamond Ring? Glance Through These Different Styles First

Diamond Ring Styles
If you are thinking of buying a diamond ring, then you should know about various diamond ring styles. In this article we will discuss the various styles in diamond rings that you can choose from.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Whether you are buying a diamond ring for engagement, wedding or just like that, no doubt you want it look elegant and gorgeous. To find the perfect one for you, you need to know which diamond shape and ring setting will look good on you or the one you are gifting it to. There are myriads of styles and designs in diamond rings and choosing one might seem like an insurmountable task. Whether you love the simplicity of a brilliant cut round solitaire or the elegance of a three stone mounting, there are lots of diamond ring styles to choose from.
Before you make a trip to the jewelers to view their selection of diamond rings, it is best to know about the different styles in diamond rings as well as the different mountings used. This will ensure that you find the perfect diamond ring for yourself and you are satisfied with the design and style. One thing that you should never compromise in is the cut and clarity of the stone. A bigger diamond with inclusions and flaws will not look great. If your budget does not permit a big one than go for smaller diamonds instead.
Diamond Engagement Ring Styles
The shape of the diamond, the setting used and the design of the ring are all important components that determines the beauty and look of a diamond engagement ring.
Solitaire Diamond Ring
A solitaire diamond ring is what every women aspires to wear on her fingers. Solitaires are special diamonds that has been cut impeccably and have clarity and brilliance. Solitaires comes in many shapes and sizes and are usually mounted on gold and platinum with a prong setting. The most popular solitaire ring styles are:
  • Round cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Princess cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Emerald cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Marquise cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Asscher cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Pear cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Cushion cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Heart cut diamond solitaire ring
  • Trillian cut diamond solitaire ring
Three Stone Diamond Ring
Perhaps one of the most striking diamond ring style, a three stone diamond ring is a classic. It is a suitable option for a wedding ring or engagement ring. A three stone diamond ring has a central diamond that is flanked by two stones on either sides of it. Usually a princess cut diamond is set in the center with two smaller trillian cut diamonds on both sides. Many designer diamond rings are designed in this style.
Diamond Ring with Side Stones
A variation of the three stone diamond ring, a diamond ring with side stones consist of a central diamond that is flanked with two or more diamonds on each sides. The side stones are usually brilliant cut diamonds of a smaller size. But side stones can also be some other jewel like amethyst, ruby, sapphire and topaz.
Cluster Diamond Ring
A cluster diamond ring has several smaller stones flanking a central diamond. Cluster rings are generally made into cocktail rings. Different diamond cuts like marquise and baguette are generally used for making a cluster diamond ring. Cluster diamond ring can vary in sizes and designs from small simple ones to very ornately designed ones.
Pave Diamond Ring
In a pave diamond ring style, a central stone which can be of a princess cut or any other cut is surrounded by smaller diamonds that are set very close together. It is a very popular diamond ring designs and is a great selection if you want a stunning design at a low cost.
Channel Set Diamond Ring
In a channel set diamond ring a row of diamonds, usually round cut or baguette cut are held together by two tracks of metal. This style of diamond rings are preferred by women who likes a sophisticated design but does not want to compromise on the bling factor.
Colored Diamond Ring
One of the most popular and modern diamond ring styles is the colored diamond ring. In such rings, a colored diamond like canary yellow, pink, champagne or blue is used as the central stone.
If you are shopping for a diamond ring on a budget, then the best designs are pave set diamond rings. Not all ring styles looks good on a person's hand, so choose a style that suits you.
White Gold Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
Woman's Pink Beryl and Diamond Ring
canary yellow diamond wedding band citrine ring
Blue sapphire diamond ring isolated on white
Eternity ring
Three stone Diamond Ring
Beautiful Diamond ring
the beauty wedding ring
Pink tourmaline cushion cut halo ring
Close-up of platinum diamond ring with single stone
Diamond Ring
Diamond Solitaire Ring
Emerald cut Solitaire engagement ring