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Remount Settings for Diamond Rings

Fashionable and Glamorous Remount Setting Designs for Diamond Rings

Buying a diamond ring can be a tedious job, and to get it remounted can be even more difficult if you don't have the basic knowledge of ring settings. Many astounding options are available, as you will find out through this Fashionhance article.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Diamond Ring and Pearls
Diamonds are popularly known to be a woman's best friend. A symbol of eternal love and commitment, these gemstones are gifted in a variety of jewelry forms, such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and of course, rings. Talking about these dazzling stones can really take up an entire day, and may be even more time than that. So, without wasting any more time, let us steer our direction towards diamond rings, and their remounting.
Diamond Ring Settings and Designs
Ring In Box With Clipping Path
Diamond rings really are the ultimate gift, especially if you are planning to present one to your beloved. The wide variety of cuts and shapes they come in is actually the secret behind their immense popularity, as it is these cuts that make them look even more attractive. Some famous cuts used in these rings include the princess cut, brilliant cut, step cut, rose cut, asscher cut. Each of these is uniquely beautiful and exquisite.
Hand Pick Diamond Ring
Another aspect that enhances the look of the glamorous stone is the setting. We all know that the diamond is set in a hard metal band, but the way it is set makes all the difference to its countless admirers, including you and me. The setting is like an individual style statement, and represents the buyer's taste and personality while enhancing the beauty of the stone, which is why it needs to be selected carefully.
When to Remount a Diamond Ring?
Diamond Ring
If you have a stunning ring already, you have many choices in hand. Remounting the existing ring is a great way to uphold the diamond for a longer period of time in a newer or in a different style than what it was before. This can be done for a variety of reasons, but when is it the right time to do so?
Engagement Diamond Ring
Stylize: When you want to get a new design for your old wedding or engagement ring, you can preserve the diamond and simply change its mounting style.
Diamond Engagement Ring
Preservation: At times when you have an antique or a vintage ring that you want to clean up and help it get back its old charm, then remounting is a good option.
Beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings
Merging: If you want to merge an old ring that is possibly a heirloom, with a new one, then remounting may prove helpful.
Goldsmith Working on Platinum Ring
Repair: Repair is the most common reason for remounting a diamond ring. Old engagement, wedding and promise rings lose their shine over the years. Remounting these rings rejuvenates them and ensures their long life.
Remount Setting Designs
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When you decide that it is the right time for your diamond ring to be remounted, the first thing you should do is select the perfect design for the new look of your piece of jewelry.
There are various designs available, and almost all of them can be used for this particular purpose. They are:
Emerald Cut Ring
Invisible Setting: In this modern setting style, the gem is held up in a metal cup which is attached to the ring band, without anything holding or covering its face.
Diamond Ring
Prong Setting: This is a classic style in which metal prongs are made to hold the dazzling stone from the base. However, this may invite repairing, as prongs tend to wear out over the years.
Diamond Ring
Channel Setting: If one has to set multiple diamonds in the same ring, for example, merging two rings together, you can do it using this setting, as it gives the diamonds a unique impeded look.
Diamond Ring
Bezel Setting: This type makes the diamond look larger, as the metal is wrapped around the brilliant stone. This makes the metal hold on to the gemstone firmly.
Beautiful diamond ring sitting on granite stone
There are many more fashionable options available which you can choose from. You can even personalize the ring with your own innovation and creativity.
Diamond Ring
Diamond rings are appreciated at any given time, but are usually presented to loved ones only on very special occasions. This priceless gift becomes even more valuable if provided with proper care.
Diamond Ring
Ring In Blue Velvet Box
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