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Elegant Diamond Earrings for Women

Sujata Iyer Nov 23, 2018
What can be said about diamond earrings that has not already been said? Nevertheless, let us go on a fascinating journey that will show us the different types of diamond earrings that we women can adorn our ears with.
What is a diamond? A gem stone? A symbol of eternity? A declaration of undying love? The best way to describe diamonds, immortalized by the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, is "Diamonds are a woman's best friend." Every woman will agree that truer words were never spoken.
Every woman treasures a diamond. Believe it when it's said that the three things that can cheer up a glum woman are chocolate, shopping, and jewelry (not necessarily in that order). And when it comes to jewelry, what better than diamond jewelry to appease the woman you love, the woman you treasure.
A lot has been said about diamond rings, especially diamond engagement rings. Here are a few choices of diamond earrings which you'll want to add to your collection.

The Colors

Let's begin with the different colored diamonds that are used to make gorgeous diamond earrings. There are quite a few of these colored gemstones that are used. Read ahead and decide which one you want.

Black Magic

If you want something mysterious and chic, go in for black diamond earrings. They have that elegant and alluring look about them that can make anyone go weak in the knees.
Simple black diamond stud earrings look fantastic when paired with a plain necklace with a matching pendant. A suggestion would be to wear this color for formal, evening occasions.

Cool Blue

If you're one of those calm and collected personalities, then you should definitely be wearing jewelry that complements your poise and grace. Get yourselves a stunning pair of blue diamond earrings to do the trick.
Nothing looks more refined and neat than a woman bearing glistening blue diamonds in her ears. So get a pair at once!

Divine Chocolate

No woman (well, almost no woman) can resist the temptation of chocolate. Neither of diamonds. So, the perfect gift for your sweetheart would be a pair of chocolate diamond earrings. These champagne-colored stones are sure to make her heart flutter.
And the best part is, if you're looking for inexpensive diamond earrings, then this is the ideal choice. They're stylish, they're inexpensive (at least compared to the others) and they look simply stunning. You really cannot ask for more.

Classic White

Yes, though the ones mentioned are all beautiful, nothing can match the classic beauty of white diamond earrings.
The finesse and dazzling beauty of a perfectly cut and polished diamond earring can only be appreciated by a proud owner of one of these beauties. So, if you're not sure about any of the colored ones, don't hesitate about going in for the heavenly white ones.

The Cuts

Pretty Princess

Among diamond earrings, princess cut diamond earrings are probably the most popular ones. They are square-shaped diamonds that look tasteful and sophisticated, especially when set in a yellow gold or white gold base.

Dasher Asscher

Asscher cut diamond earrings are a mysteriously cut diamond shape. They appear to be square-shaped if you look at them from above, but they're actually cuboid in shape. These diamonds have bejeweled quite a few well-known people from the ancient times of emperors to recent celebrities too.

Pair 'o Pears

A favorite among many women, pear-shaped diamond earrings have that oomph factor. They're also called tear-shaped earrings. Whatever you call them, they'll always be among the top shapes that a woman would want her diamond to be.

The Shapes

There are a variety of sizes and shapes to pick from when it comes to flaunting your precious diamonds. Here's a peek at the best shapes for small studs or long.

Tear Drops



Plain Round

Dangling Chandeliers


Simple Hoops


Diamonds mean much more to a woman than just a piece of jewelry. So, if you're thinking of getting one for yourself (or for your better half), just make sure that the type of earrings you buy are worthy of the exquisite woman who's going to be wearing them.