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Your Heart is Gonna Melt Over These Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds

Dhanya Joy Mar 17, 2019
Cushion cut diamonds have gained popularity only in the recent times, even though they have been around since a couple of centuries. Here are information about these beautifully cut diamonds.
Diamonds have always been the most popular gemstones, especially with women, in spite of being the most expensive ones. Their beauty and elegance cannot be compared with of any other stones.
The cut and shape of a diamond can highly influence its appearance, appeal, and value. The "cut" refers to the number of facets and the proportions (width and depth) of this gemstone. There are various types like the emerald cut, the asscher cut, the rose cut, etc. The cushion cut is increasingly becoming a popular one.


The cushion cut was quite popular, as well as in great demand in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was referred to as the "pillow cut" or the "candlelight diamond", as it appeared exceptionally brilliant in candlelight.
Since 1830, most diamonds were cut in this style for almost 70 years, and its popularity has re-emerged, especially for traditionally cut gemstones.


It is similar to stuffed pillow in appearance. The gemstone is rectangular or square shaped with rounded corners, and looks quite similar to an emerald, as well as the oval and princess cut diamond types.
Cushion cut diamonds have 58 facets, and are more dispersive compared to round brilliant ones. It is often referred to as an "antique cut", which resembles a mix of the "Old Mine cut" and the "Oval cut".


This aspect can be described by using the following adjectives: antique, classic, and romantic look.
The rounded corners give it a soft appearance, and its proportions reflect its natural beauty and shine. It appears less brilliant than the brilliant round shaped diamonds, but when cut with a combination of proportions, it appears quite fiery.


This aspect can be hampered if the culet is too large. Its shine is also less, compared to that of other diamonds, due to the number of facets. The color and clarity properties are important, as even a minute flaw would be clearly visible.
While purchasing these gemstones, it would be ideal to opt for one that reflects the maximum amount of light with minimum opacity, and also consider its symmetry and polish.

Diamond Rings

Cushion cut diamonds are often used to make stylish rings and jewelry. As they have a romantic and classic look, they are ideal for usage in engagement and wedding rings.
They look great as solitaires or with accent stones, and can have a modern or contemporary setting. The commonly used setting in rings is the four-prolonged one. "Halo setting" is also a popular style, in which the center stone is surrounded by a ring of diamonds.
The "bead setting" and "pave setting" are also quite popular. They also can be set in earrings and pendants to complement the ring.
The fact that these diamonds are being offered by very few diamond sellers, makes it a rare and unique cut, which stands out in the crowd with differently shaped gemstones.