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Here’s How You Can Design Your Own Handbag

Madhura Pandit Sep 24, 2018
Although a handbag is an important fashion accessory, it is really difficult to find the perfect handbag of our choice. In that case, you can design your own bag to create your own style statement.
A perfect designer handbag can make a style statement. A handbag is one of the prized possessions of every woman. One will be surprised by the number of things that a woman carries in her handbag.
Fashion trends for handbags also tend to keep changing just like clothes and other accessories. It may be difficult and expensive to always keep pace with the changing fashion trend. So, why not make a personalized handbag?
Handbags are classified into different types like clutches, shoulder bags, or totes. If you wish to carry or store many things every day, a shoulder bag will be most useful.
Totes are smaller than shoulder bags, and clutches are the smallest, prominently used for fashion or carrying only a cell phone or credit cards. Purses are of standard sizes and hence, can be used every day and for various purposes.

Things Required

  • Fabric
  • Sketch book and pencils
  • Sewing equipment
  • Handles/Straps
  • Zipper

How to Make a Custom Handbag

>>First thing you have to make sure before you start to design, is to select the type of handbag. It is advisable to draw a sketch or a design of the bag. Use different color combination to check how the handbag will look. Draw pockets, patterns and zippers that you would add to your handbag. This will help you try different permutations and combinations.
>>Once the final draft of the handbag is done, make drawings of the bag from all sides in actual dimensions on different sheets of paper and design the inner and outer pockets. You will need these dimensions while making the actual handbag. If you wish to have designer handbags, you can get a picture of the bag and design your own handbag according to it.
>>Now, place all the drawings of the dimensions on the fabric that you have chosen for the handbag. Remember to leave some space at the sides for seams. Start stitching from the inside of all the sides of the handbag. You may need extra fabric to stitch the inner and outer pockets. Place a cardboard inside the base to make it strong and then stitch it.
>>Now, attach the handles, straps and buckles to the outer side of the handbag. You can buy ready-made straps and handles as they are available in various designs. Stitch the zipper between the layers of the handbag and also for the inner and outer pockets. Finally stitch along the sides and your handbag is ready.
There are manufacturers or online stores where you can design handbags and have them customized. You just have to give your choices of type, fabric, and pattern. You can even order personalized or monogrammed handbags in some stores.
Instead of having designer handbag replicas, you can make handbags on your own, and channel your creativity. Once you try out making one handbag, you will be left wanting to design more.
Next time, try to design your handbag with different fabrics, buttons, accessories, and even embroidery. Your handbags will definitely represent your unique style and fashion statement.