Cute Messenger Bags

Cute and Comfy Messenger Bags That'll Make Everyone Envy You

Cute messenger bags sure will get you appreciative glances in your school and college. The article to come up will precisely be about that, so check it out!
Young man with messenger bag
Backpacks are a passe now! Unless you have to carry heavy duty stuff, these are not used a lot. Messenger bags is the name of the game now for school and college students. I mean I don't know what would we have done without messenger bags! Be it flaunting your cool new netbook or be it carrying those intimidating research and reference books! Or even if you are hanging out with friends, messenger bags are rapidly getting popular and are convenient too! They are almost everywhere! The best part about them is that they make carrying a load easy.

Cute Messenger Bags for College

A number of designs and patterns are available in messenger bags for college. From cartoons to snazzy prints, to even graffiti! It is all there! Basically a messenger bag is golden mean between a tote bag and a backpack. Have a look at messenger or shoulder bags.

Brownie Points
Well, the upside of these shoulder messenger bags is that such bags have loads of pockets and are made of a stronger material as compared to a tote bag. One of the reasons for that would be the material from which it is made - waterproof material. No, but that doesn't mean that you can use it as an umbrella! Moreover, they can carry a load of stuff about that no one can beat this bag! The pockets help organizing your stuff well. Oh and needless to say these are any time cute looking than the out-and-out sporty and rustic backpacks.

The Downside
Well, messenger bags are cuter than backpacks, but not cuter than tote bags! However, when it comes to functionality, backpacks score better than messenger bags. In case you do not have to carry all the books everyday and you want something over the shoulder, a tote bag you would actually be better off with a tote bag. But messenger bags may not be a good choice if you are loaded with stuff which is heavy. In that case backpacks is what you need. So primarily if you are not carrying too much load, messenger bags are just right.

You need to check out what kind of a messenger bag will suit your needs. In case you carry a laptop, you will have to consider that as well!

Cute Messenger Bags for School

For school kids there is an opinion that backpacks are not really good for their back. Hence messenger bags are a good choice - inexpensive and popular. Messenger bags for kids are modified to fit their needs. For instance, messenger bags for kids are smaller and have shoulder and back straps. Further, these bags sometimes also have detachable lunch boxes with them. Cool zipper pockets inside and outside along with pencil and pen holding places makes these bags even more convenient. Now as far as bags for girls are concerned, Target, Walmart, Sears, or some of the online stores are the best to find them. Messenger bags for boys, (very young) can come as cheap as even $10. For school messenger bags, the pattern - be it animals, cartoons, general prints or the like, the major factor in picking up a bag is the age.

On the contrary, hemp and gap printed, floral or even designer messenger bags and purses will be lapped up by elder and teenage girls, especially.

At the end of the day, if you are looking at combining a great style and reasonable functionality, then guys and girls, cute and stylish messenger bags are the way to go! Carry on!