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Customized Rubber Wristbands

Sourabh Gupta Nov 1, 2018
Customized rubber wristbands are not only a way to raise awareness about diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc. but, they are also an important tool to promote any product, brand or idea. This is the reason why they are in demand and hugely popular the world over.
Customized silicone wristbands first became a popular and cheap way to raise or promote ideas or products in the 1980s. Since then, they have become an important fashion accessory. Their popularity soared high and they have even entered the school level, be it high school, middle school or elementary schools.
Charity awareness wristbands, are quite popular nowadays, but they weren't until the early millennium. There are multitude number of charities and NGOs, that have their own customized rubber wristbands.
They promote awareness about cancer, domestic violence, child abuse and various other social issues. The most popular ones are the Lance Armstrong Foundation's yellow-colored 'LIVESTRONG' bands.
We can categorize customized rubber wristbands in 3 different categories in terms of the way the message is printed on them.

Bracelets in which the message is printed on the surface of the band or debossed (opposite to embossed). They are the most famous and admired bracelets.
Bracelets in which words are raised from the band or in simple words, characters are embossed on the band.

Glow In Dark:
Bracelets that shine in the dark with the message glowing. They are the latest innovation.
We can also categorize them by their design. They are:

You can draft any message or logo on them. They are of one simple color representing uniform throughout.
Segmented wristbands are the ones in which you find two different segment of colors joined. They are cool and economical, generally used for promotion.

These bracelets come in fusion of different colors. They are popular as party wristbands in various social places.
People use them because of following advantages (reasons):
  • Generate school spirit and pride, if used in school.
  • They are a popular giveaways at trade shows.
  • Use meaningful colors and custom messages for your fundraising events.
  • Raise awareness about the product, service, cause, etc.
  • To celebrate special events.
  • Used to honor someone's memory (In Loving Memory of...).
These come in different shapes and sizes. They are worn by celebrities, athletes, politicians and even a common man. Nowadays, these bands can be purchased on an average cost that is less than $3. The prizes usually depend on who is selling them.
Rubber wristbands being promoted in a fashion for a beauty product are bound to be costly, whereas, those for raising awareness of a cause among people will be cheap.
They come in different colors that represent a particular group or charity, for example, pink color represents breast cancer awareness. Some popular colors and the cause associated with them are:

Popular colors and causes associated with them:

Color : Red
Quote : Courage
Cause : AIDS

Color : Yellow
Quote : Live Strong  
Cause : Lance Armstrong Foundation

Color : Pink
Quote : Hope, Faith & Love
Cause : Breast Cancer
Color : White
Quote : Make Poverty History
Cause : Fight Poverty

Color : Blue
Quote : Prevent Child Abuse
Cause : Child abuse

Color : Green
Quote : Don't Cut Trees 
Cause : Nature
Whatever cause you want to raise awareness about, just go to the market or the website and purchase the rubber wristband. They reflect your choice and the cause for which you are concerned about plus, they are a fashion for teenagers. They have been around from long and their popularity continues to rise.