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Fabulously Brilliant Ideas for Choosing and Wearing Custom Sweaters

Puja Lalwani Oct 04, 2018
Create your own clothing line this winter, by having yourself made some great custom sweaters. Choose from a variety of ideas given here, to come up with some great ones of your own.
When you have to wear a sweater that covers up your best t-shirt and the message on it, or it's brand logo, what do you do? Doesn't it bother you that you can't sport it, just because you have to wear a plain, boring, dull sweater to keep yourself warm? Well, why not change it then?
If you can customize a t-shirt, why can't you customize your winter clothing? But what is a custom sweater? Remember the monogrammed sweater your mom used to make for you when you were a little kid? One could say that those were types of custom sweaters.
A sweater personalized in any manner, from your initials, to your company logo, to the logo of your favorite sports player can be a custom sweater. There are numerous ways in which your sweater can be personalized, and here, we give you some ideas for the same.
You may customize sweaters for yourself to create a personal style statement, to make great gifts, or simply sell them if you wish to, to make some money. You may choose some cheap but good quality sweaters to print or embroider on, to make some great cheap custom sweaters.There are numerous sweater types you can choose from, and they are given here.

V-Neck Sweater

Crew Neck Sweater

Zipped Sweater

Cotton V-Neck Sweater

Hooded Sweater


Neither the fabric, nor the style is limited when it comes to choosing sweaters that you can customize. Now, it all comes down to how you want to customize this type of clothing to sport it as a reflection of your personality and make a fashion statement. Some great ideas have been given here.
  • Have your initials printed or embroidered in the center or in a corner.
  • Those of you who wish to give out custom sweaters as gifts to your employees, may have your company's logo embroidered on it.
  • Another great idea is to print something about a big event that you participated in. For instance, in a recent Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match when Barcelona won 5-0, a lot of people had custom t-shirts printed to record this event in history.
  • Funky logos such as skulls, dragons, or abstract prints can also be printed on your sweaters.
  • A funny message for everyone, such as 'Fun Guaranteed' or any other t-shirt sayings may also be printed on the sweater.
  • Messages in foreign languages may also be printed, along with symbols. Just like tattoos, you can recreate such designs on sweaters too.
  • You may also have your favorite picture printed on your sweater, just like on a t-shirt, and give it off as a great holiday gift.
  • The picture of your idol (rock, sports, movie, etc.) or just her/his name can be printed on the sweater to customize it.
  • Your favorite cartoon characters may also make it to your sweater, along with a famous dialog that the character is often heard saying. For instance, Bugs Bunny with his famous line 'What's up, Doc?', or just an image of Homer Simpson strangling Bart Simpson, are ideas you may choose from.
  • Random prints that start from the neck and end halfway into the sweater also make for great personalized sweaters.
  • Sweaters depicting your perception of the holiday season are also a great way to customize them.
You may choose to put these images on the front or back of the sweater. If you are getting small prints embroidered or printed, then you may get them on the left or right chest, at the bottom left or bottom right corner in the front, on the sleeve, or below the neck of your sweater. The location of the design will depend on the size of the image.
Custom sweaters can be ordered online at discounted rates. Also, you may make them if you are well-versed with knitting or embroidery. Remember that fabric of the sweater should be compatible with the print you are using.The print should not disintegrate when it is ironed. It is advisable to test this on an old sweater before you try it on a new one.
Be it men's or women's clothing, sweaters can be customized to suit just anyone's taste and style. So make your own sweaters and sport it as your own style statement this season. Given here just a few ideas. With your creativity, you can take custom sweater design to a whole new level.