Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets come in different materials and designs, each of which is unique in its own way. The price range starts from USD 20 to more than USD 200, based on the material type and precious stones studded in the bracelets. This article will tell you something more about them.
Fashionhance Staff
Wearing cuff bracelets is becoming a fashion trend, especially amongst the youth. With Hollywood celebrities showing off their exclusive bracelets, the increased popularity of these fashion accessories is understandable. After all, jewelry is something that symbolizes individual style statement. With these accessories, the variety is endless, in terms of size, shape, material, design, and pattern. Speaking about the material, it is sold in leather, silver, sterling silver, silver mixed with copper, oxidized metal, and gold.
Whether you want funky designs or decent looking metal types, you will not face any trouble finding the ones that complement your dressing style and personality. The trick is to have a keen eye while shopping for them. While handwoven ones look feminine, metal cuffs go well with jeans and casual clothes. Multicolored bands made from strips of silver, brass, and copper are best for any outfit.
Price Range
Needless to say, hand-woven bracelets and leather types are less expensive, when compared to the silver and gold ones. The ones made from metal come with or without stones. Those without stones are engraved with unique patterns like flower, geometrical figures, or any other shapes. Metal strips could also be woven in a random manner, to add a unique touch. Commonly used stones are diamond, emerald, turquoise, agate, moonstone, and pearls. Based on the material type and stones (if any), the price range will vary.
For those having a tight budget, leather and sterling silver are excellent choices. They cost approximately USD 20 or less. So, you can still make a fashion statement without spending much on fashion jewelry. Within USD 50, you can find many varieties that are studded with semi-precious stones. If you can spend somewhere around USD 75 to USD 100, you can select a good material and intricate design.
For Men
Many people think that men have limited options as compared to women, which is not true. Leather and metal bracelets with rough designs are best suited for men. They are usually sleek, smooth, or finely crafted. Silver and stainless steel come in both narrow and broad designs. You can look out for carbon fiber patches that add a manly touch. Whichever design you prefer, it looks good with casual clothing or party wear.
For Women
Flaunt your feminine style by selecting cuff bracelets with flowery designs and vivid colored gemstones. For an innocent look, purchase ones with less width, rather than wearing those measuring 1 inch or more. A better way is to go with multicolored stones. That way, you can wear them with any colored clothing. Antique cuffs with turquoise stones go well with ethnic clothing. Also, they are excellent gift items.
In order to get the best deals, shop around and check for vendors offering bargains. You can also check online and compare their pricing with that of your local suppliers. The only problem comes when you have small wrists, and then the only solution is to order a custom-made from your local supplier.