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Creative Necklace Holder Ideas

Creative Ideas to Make an Amazingly Attractive Necklace Holder

Looking for space that warmly wraps your precious necklace? Why not get help from some creative necklace holder ideas, and get yourself a perfect necklace holder on display!
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Girls and pearls make a strong bond. I must say all that is precious, adorable and accentuating feminine charm makes its way to a girls heart. Diamonds are a girl's best friends, and we all would agree that every gem has some or the other deep relationship, when it comes to women. No wonder there are so many times when you cannot help but shop for jewelry, while the mirror in the store smiles as you try each piece of it. Well, most of us have a collection of jewelry and for the necklace lovers, you know this is one piece that cannot be dumped into a container, or a drawer. Especially if it is an expensive one. Necklaces are threads with precious stones, gems, beads and all that can adore your neck. Keeping them safe is one big task, and if you have a collection of them, it becomes even more tough. So how do you carefully store each necklace, while still respecting your wardrobe space and room interiors? Well, if you do not get the most adoring piece of stand or holder that can help you, do not worry. We have some creative necklace holder ideas that can help. Go through these simple tips that will also give you an idea on how to make a necklace holder. Sounds interesting right? Let's get crafting then...
Easy Necklace Holder Ideas
The most important task is to keep the necklaces hanging well, to prevent tangling and damage of the stones or pearls in it. So we will focus on something that will enable a good hanging space. Girls, first of all decide what theme you want on the holder. Would it be trendy, urban, natural or rustic? Next you will need to think on the space that it is going to be placed on and the size of the necklaces that you will be hanging on it. Depending on that, you can chalk down the dimensions of the holder or the size, we can say. Then comes your creativity like the style and its colors that should complement your room or the display area. Some other aspects that you need to consider are: security and ease of access to the necklace, portability of the holder, strength and weight of the necklace, etc. This should further help you narrow down the final product. We have listed some ideas that can help:
Go Natural: This is perhaps for a theme that is natural or rustic. You can use a branch of a tree or a hawthorn branch, clean the leaves (remove them). If you want you may tie or wrap the twigs with wool to make it more strong. Simply let the necklace hang from the branches. You may place these branches in a flower pot or a similar container that can hold them. For more attractive looks, cover the branches in foil or other paper, to add some shine or color. A rusty household knick knack, like a metal candle stand or holder with levels, can also be a good option for hanging necklaces. You can also make a wire tree, that can hang necklaces with ease.
Metals and Frames: A metal frame or any photo frame is a good idea and most popular too. You will need a frame with the glass. Now all you need to do is get some paper clips that can be tweaked to make a hook on one end. Using strong adhesive or glue for mirror, simply paste these hooks, using the frame horizontally or vertically. Your necklace stand is ready! You may use colors and paint the back side of the glass, or simply use foil or fabric from the back of the glass to make it more playful.
Doll it Up: This may sound a silly, but it works. If you have statuettes, like a cute little girl or a doll that is big and sturdy enough, make use of these home elements to create your necklace hanger. A ceramic or stone statue can be used, and if the hands and arms of the statue are spread out, you have even more space to hang the necklace. As for dolls, it goes for all the pinks and curls loving girls! Simply hang the necklace on the doll. Place her on a bench or a customized and decorated basket.
Glass and Stone: This may be the simplest of all. It sure gives a hint of elegance and sophistication. All you need is a martini glass, with a wide mouth, as much as possible. Let your necklace sink in the glass from one end and hang out the other end out of the glass so that it flows along the glass stem. You may place some small stones in the glass to perhaps balance the glass and make it more creative. A stone structure, that is more like a rock, but a creative one, that has a decent shape, can be used as a platform to hang or lay your necklace. The rock should be shaped more like a bust, so that you can hang the necklace well.
Some other ideas like using shoe boxes draped in fancy cloth can also make a good jewelry organizer to hold your necklaces; one may also use a bulletin board, that is decorated with hooks, as a creative holder. You can make use of every day things to make a holder. Creative necklace holder ideas are unlimited, and with a little observation and simple tricks, you can make amazing ones, which will sure gather some compliments!
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