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Cowboy Boots for Women

Cowboy Boots for Women

Wear them on a white shirt, a skinny jeans, and a hat, and you're the new Salma Hayek from the Bandidas! If you're a bit tight on budget, this article dishes out some important information on cheap cowboy boots. Take a look!
Veethi Telang
Those cowboys sure had dusty days, it seems. Cowboy boots do make it evident, for they're rugged, flashy, and 'wear-with-ease'. Makes me wonder, when did boots demand a brag anyway? They're one of those things in a woman's wardrobe that require no swagger, and no matter what attire you don with them, they efficiently justify the mystic fusion of contemporary New York with the old West. That said, seems like you're clueless about how to don cowboy boots such that they enhance your look by adding that cowboy-ish tinge to you appearance. How to wear them in a way that they don't look overdone, and easily get incorporated with the outfit you've chosen to team them up with? We'll tell you all. Let me be your fashion guide for a day, and tell you how differently can you wear your cowboy boots, what colors can you choose to not overdo your look, and most importantly, where can you buy a pair of cowboy boots for cheap. Don't worry about their durability - cowboy boots are made with tough skin that adds longevity to their life as boots. So, let's get going and find out all about this chic variety of footwear.

How to Wear

To begin with, when one thinks of cowboy boots, an image of a cowgirl wearing a white shirt, a waist coat, a pair of skin-tight jeans, and a hat flashes in mind. But this ain't it. You don't have to dress like a cowgirl if you wear these boots. We aim more on teaming them up with your usual outfits, so that the look gets accentuated. Therefore, the first option that I can think of is to wear cowboy boots over your jeans. Just tuck your skinny jeans into your boots (make sure the calves of the boots are wide enough for you to tuck the jeans in), wear a leather jacket that's in contrast with the color of your boots, and wear a sexy belt. Voila! What more do you need to turn the male eyeballs towards you?

Other than jeans, you can wear them with dresses too. However, make sure they aren't skin-fitted. Cowboy boots symbolize freedom and ruggedness. Wear them with a cocktail dress, and you are sure to make a mockery of yourself! Instead, team them up with casual, floral dresses that make you look extremely free and outgoing. Don't forget to match the color though! Apart from dresses, these kinds of boots look cool with denim skirts too. I've seen it first hand that when cowboy boots are teamed up with a short denim skirt, they accentuate the look of your legs, and you instantly appear sexy! Well, think about it, don't these boots transform even the most mundane clothes you wear?

Where to Find

Boots are something you don't wear everyday (wait, were you planning on wearing them everyday? Don't. They'll lose their charm). Hence, for those moments when you're clueless about your outfit for the day, you need a classic, luxurious pair of boots, just the sight of which makes your viewers skip a breath. Brands such as Lucchese, Dan Post, Justin, Ferrini, Tony Lama, and Stetson offer a wide range of drop-dead gorgeous cowboy boots, and you'll feel like you should have all of them in your wardrobe! They might cost you a pretty penny, but then, when it comes to shoes, you can't really compromise with the quality, or can you? However, if you're still low on budget, and want to buy a pair of boots that are fairly inexpensive, you can check out online deals on sites like eBay and eShoppingfashion which offer branded footwear at an extremely low range.

Never overdo your look when wearing cowboy boots - let the boots attract all the necessary attention. That is to say, you don't need to wear flashy clothes to team your boots with. Wear subtle, soothing colors, and let the boots do the rest of the job. In the end, it all boils down to the confidence your walk displays, because there ain't any rule to wearing cowboy boots - they are the rule.