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Cotton Duck Fabric

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cotton Duck Fabric

Cotton duck fabric is considered to be a very strong type of textile. Read on, to know about its properties and uses.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
How often we use cotton duck fabric in our daily life? Well, from sneakers to sea bags and from tent to clothes, we usually come across this fabric. Now you must be wondering what king of fabric is cotton duck? Cotton duck is a plain woven cotton fabric. It is also known as duck or duck cloth or duck canvas. Its name is derived from a Dutch word doek which means 'linen canvas'. The word cotton was added just to differentiate it from original linen fabric which was originated in the 18th century. Cotton duck also has a deep relationship with duct tape. This tape was prepared by cotton duck material with special adhesive. Hence it was also known as cotton duck tape. After peeping into the history and name of the material let's find out the qualities and uses of this material.
Cotton Duck Material
Cotton duck has been used from many centuries and now also it has the same importance in the market as before. This material ranges from light weight to heavy weight materials. They can be classified into 12 grades, grade 1 is the heaviest and grade 12 is the lightest. This grading is based on the weight of the specific piece of the fabric and every grade is standardized. All these varieties are used for different purposes and in different sectors. They are also very well-known for low maintenance and easy wash.
Cotton Duck Fabric Properties
The properties of cotton duck itself reveal its importance and usefulness. Following are some of the properties of this material which will help you to its standard and quality.
  • Cotton duck is plain woven fabric and can be easily found in stores.
  • The original color of the fabric is pale white but it can be dyed easily into many other colors. Nowadays you can also get lots of different patterns in this fabric.
  • The material is found in many grades based on their weight.
  • It is woven with strong thread which gives it great strength.
  • It is also known for its durability.
  • The best part of this fabric is it can be washed and dried in the washing machine.
  • It is suitable for rough use, and does not require heavy maintenance.
Cotton Duck Fabric Uses
Usage of cotton duck is world-wide. It is used in various sectors and is known for its great strength and durability. Depending upon their grade or weight they have different uses. Following are the uses of cotton duck.
  • The light weight cotton duck can be used for shoes, bags, curtains etc. Canvas shoes has made itself an all together different style statement.
  • Cotton duck slip covers are light weight and give a trendy look to your home furniture.
  • Some heavy weight fabrics can be used for boat covers, tents, hammocks and sand bags.
  • Cotton duck cloth and apparel are very widely used in the summers, as they allow air to pass through the fabric and are more comfortable than linen fabric.
  • This fabric is also used for painting and is famous with the name of canvas painting.
I hope this information on cotton duck will be helpful for you. Apart from the uses and advantages of this fabric, there are some problems too. The fabric, when wet, gets stretched and weak. Also, it is more susceptible to wear and tear than linen fabric. Apart from this, it is more expensive than linen fabric which makes its products more expensive. Nevertheless, duck fabric is a durable and useful fabric to use.
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