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Corset Patterns to Cast a Victorian Woo-doo Spell

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 23, 2018
Corsets have made a comeback and many designers are incorporating this Victorian garment into their designs.
A corset is a garment that was worn originally as a foundation garment or an undergarment by ladies during the Victorian era. A corset molds and shapes the torso tightly to give an attractive shape to the wearer. Good corset patterns have a slimming effect, conceals a flabby stomach and gives the illusion of having a fuller bust.
A traditional corset was generally strapless and was made of satin or brocade as this material was stretchable which is an essential requirement of a corset. It emphasized the waist, giving it a nipped look.
Two types of corset patterns are: The underbust corset which starts just under the bust and ends at the hips. The other is the overbust corset which begins from under the arms to the hips, enclosing the entire torso.

Different Corset Patterns

There are various choices depending on how you intend to wear it. Underbust pattern is perfect as an undergarment for enhancing your shape and bust line, made of starched linen to give comfort. It starts under the bust and finishes at the start of the hipbone. It covers the lower abdomen giving a slim silhouette and lifts up the bust line for a fuller look.
Another good pattern is the corset starting at mid bust, giving medium support to the bust. It creates an hourglass figure and is for women well graced. It is worn as an inner wear.
If you are intending to wear a corset as an outerwear, then there are many patterns that you can choose from. Choose a corset pattern according to your body shape and structure.
Some of the best fabrics used for making a overbust corset are silk, brocade, satin, lace, and jacquard. Some wedding dresses also have a corset pattern to give the bride a more slimmer effect and an appealing look. One of the best patterns is to use a good fabric like brocade or satin with front and back lacing.
For those who want a bit more drama, a silk corset pattern with lace in a contrasting color works very well. To keep this style from looking less like a lingerie, steer clear of colors like blood red and pink.
Instead opt for more muted shades like steel-gray and icy-blue for a timeless appeal. You can choose a strapless design for this type of corset and the best way to wear them is with a pair of skinny jeans and a slim belt and wedge heels.
If you want to create a perfect corset pattern that will fit you like a second skin then you should take the help of corset pattern generator.
Some famous fashion designers who have revived the corset and made it a must wear garment are Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfield, and Christian Lacroix. Corsets are quite in vogue now and it one garment that will never fail to give you a slim silhouette.