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Master the Laidback Style With These Cool Ways to Wear Loose Shirts

11 Cool Ways to Wear a Loose Shirt
Irrespective of your body size, a loose T-shirt/shirt has always been a style statement if worn properly and with the correct accessories. It adds an casual sophistication to your attitude and makes you look trendy!
Smruti Hingnikar
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Here, we give you some tips and hacks to wear a loose shirt and carry it off in style, adding a pep to your step with a new casual yet chic avatar! Take a look.
♔ Wear it loose, with a sling bag and cool glasses.
It's an easy hack. A no-brainer. Just slip on your shirt, sport a pair of cool shades or spectacles and look sorted.
♔ Tuck the shirt a bit from the front or the sides and flaunt it with rugged jeans or a mini skirt.
It will really make you stand out in a crowd. Pairing a shirt with hot-pants can also work like magic!
♔ Knot it from the sides like a crop top.
An age-old hack when crop tops were yet to hit the fashion scene. Girls used to tie a knot near the waist, pulling it upwards, giving a street-smart, no-nonsense look.
♔ Match it with a contrast or transparent cardigan.
Another simple idea is to pull out your bright, loose cardigan and wear it on the shirt. Done!
♔ Tie a belt around it and accessorize with a loud, hanging neckpiece.
Long, big pendants and necklaces are quite a trend these days. Combine it with a shirt, belted from your waist. Heels would be a good add on for sure.
♔ Wear it like single-sided off-shoulder, with an inner inside, sport a messy hairdo.
Always wanted to carry off a carefree attitude? Here is a tip. You can choose to let loose your hair or tie it in a messy bun!
♔ Pair it with a semi-formal jacket.
A perfect option when you are confused about what to wear to a party. Just pair a nice semi-formal jacket with a neckpiece and bulky metal bracelets. It is sure to grab eyeballs.
♔ Wear a crop top with a pair of jeans and tie the shirt around your waist.
Remember this old hack? It gives you a cute, bold, yet sporty look. The crop top can be replaced with a tank top too. Up for a basketball match?? Guys will easily let you win. ;)
♔ Roll the sleeves till your shoulders and look cool.
You don't have to be muscular to flaunt your biceps. Rolling up your sleeves till just below the shoulders will make you appear cool.
♔ Belt it up like a tunic.
Pull it a bit upwards and strap it like a tunic. It will give you a butterfly pattern look. Combine it with big earrings.
Do you know any other hack? Let us know it through the comments section. We will be more than glad to share it with others here.