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Unbelievably Cool Ideas on Outfits to Wear With a Denim Shirt

Cool Outfit Ideas to Wear a Denim Shirt
A timeless classic, denim shirt looks good with almost everything, right from pants to skirts, and dresses to shorts. You can wear this versatile piece of clothing in numerous ways. Check some outfit ideas in this Fashionhance write-up.
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Ditch the cardigan
Need something to layer your cute floral dress? Go for a light denim shirt! It is so comfortable and looks totally stylish. It's time to substitute the normal cardigan with something chic.
When counting some classic wardrobe staples, a denim shirt stands out. What? You don't have one? Well it's time to add this timeless piece and make the most out of it. They go with almost everything. Yup, they do, totally.
With a cute skirt? Yes. With a floral pant? Yes. With a solid denim? Yes. With a dress? Yes. With cargo pants? Yes. With funky shorts? Yes.
So as you can see, there's hardly any chance of making a fashion faux pas when wearing this magical piece of clothing.
To make this a wee bit easier for you, and to give you some style inspiration, we have enlisted some cool outfit ideas to wear a denim shirt.
Idea #1: With a SKIRT
denim shirt with black skirt
A denim shirt looks very cute with skirts. It's fun, flirty, and casual. It's perfect for a day out or a movie outing. You can wear it with a fitted formal skirt to work or a floral one for a day out. To make the look work for a party, use a statement accessory. You can also add some jazz with a funky belt or bag. And yes, don't ignore the footwear. Choose pumps with a formal skirt, sneakers or ballerinas with a casual skirt, and stilettos for the party one.
Idea #2: With DENIM
Woman In Denim Fashion
A denim shirt can never look bad with skinny jeans. A double dose of denim always works. Just ensure that the wash of your jeans is prominently darker or lighter than your shirt. Sexy boots will complete the look. You can also opt for jeggings or leggings with a slightly longer denim shirt.
denim shirt with jeans man
Even the men need to add a little contrast when wearing denim with denim. Denim shorts are also another option you can try. You can wear a basic tee inside and wear your shirt like a jacket for a more casual look.
Idea #3: With MAXI
denim shirt with long skirt
For a more Bohemian style, pair your shirt with a long, flowy dress or skirt. Of course, you can wear it with any dress, right from a sundress to a little black dress. Don't forget the belt to clinch your waist and add oodles of style.
Idea #4: With SHORTS
denim shirt with cool shorts
A denim shirt and shorts look very sexy. It is the perfect summer look. Go for bold colors, solid black, or denim shorts; the choice is yours. Anything looks good! Since your shirt is pretty simple, you have ample scope to experiment with patterns and colors.
Idea #5: With KHAKI Pants
denim shirt with casual pants
A denim shirt can be paired with khakis or casual pants too. Effortless style, isn't it? Whether you want to wear it as a shirt or a jacket, the choice is yours! This outfit option makes for a comfortable and effortless style.
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