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Confused While Buying Sarees? Follow These Tips to Get the Best Saree

Nidhi Shekhawat Nov 26, 2019
Most women these days complain that they are not comfortable in sarees. But this was not the case decades back. The fabrics then were natural. But with the emergence of synthetic materials, things have changed. So, if you want to be comfortable and get the best saree, here are some tips to follow.

Buy Saree You Think You Would Be Comfortable In

Settle for what you think would be most comfortable. If you feel fabrics like cotton are not your thing, do not buy them. Or you think silk makes you look better than any other material, go for it. Fashionistas create fashion; they do not follow it. Be a style icon and make statements you think suits you the most.

Consider the Occasion

To create a fashion of your own is one thing, and to look like a mis-fit is another. So, do consider the occasion before you go shopping for sarees online. While attending a formal party, settle for georgette or chiffon sarees. Cotton is for casual wear. But, if you have to attend a wedding, silk saree is safe.

Customize Your Saree to Your Liking

This does not fall in ‘tips to pick the best saree’. We have put this so you can correct your mistake if you buy the wrong saree. In such cases, you can always customize the saree. For instance, you can buy a border and attach it to the saree, or do embroidery or mirror work if you like.

Quality of the Fabric Matters

No matter what fabric you buy, if the quality is not up to the mark, there is no way you can be comfortable in it. And besides, a poor-quality saree will never sit right on the body. Also, people who know about fabrics can recognize the sub-par quality of your saree. So, choose good quality fabric if you want to look chic in true sense.

Buy from a Reliable Store to Get the Best Price

Buying sarees can be tricky, especially for persons who do not have much experience in buying sarees. Search a reliable shop of sarees. Ask your friends for suggestions. But if you are completely clueless, it is best to buy sarees online. This way, you can compare the prices of several sites before buying.

Don’t Ignore Small Things: They Matter the Most

Sarees have two lengths - 6 yards and 9 yards. If you are petite, the 6 yards is a good choice. But if you are bulky, choose the 9 yards. Also, look for blouse pieces attached to the saree while buying it. If possible, buy the petticoat from the same shop by matching the color of the drape.