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Common Fashion Blunders That People Commit More Often Than Not

Kashmira Lad Mar 17, 2019
If you feel that you are the butt of all jokes, due to your dressing sense, then maybe it's time you wake up to the fact that you need to revamp your wardrobe. Mistakes in fashion can be committed by anyone. Here are a few guidelines on some of the common fashion blunders, and the ways to avoid them.
Fashion blunders are visible in every walk of life. Having the best look does not always mean buying branded outfits, and throwing on all the accessories you lay your hands on! You can make a powerful statement with a simple silhouette and a teardrop pendant as well.
All of us by now must have had our share of mistakes and witnessed many such specimens who claim to be fashionable. So, how does one avoid these mistakes in everyday life? There are simple ways to go about this, and one must consider every element that would help to complete the right look.

Common Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

Clothes Don't Suit the Skin Tone

If that red-hot outfit looked awesome in the window display, let it remain there! Don't buy colors that do not flatter your skin tone. Bright colors and pale colors need to merge well with your skin. Sometimes, wearing bright outfits can give a wrong impression about your personality. Whereas, wearing pale or light colors can make you look washed out.

Showing Too Much Skin

So skin is in and all that jazz! Well, if you can carry off that look, then go ahead, and flaunt your body! Too much skin can't accentuate your looks. Although the halter was designer wear, and a backless top is definitely in vogue, but it may not really suit everybody.
One of the things seen in most parties are women flaunting too much skin with their outfits being totally mismatched in every possible way. A simple example that comes to my mind is pairing a really short skirt with a skimpy top like a tube top or even a short hugging piece.
A better way out would be to combine the short skirt with a figure hugging, sequined top that covers the midriff. Combine this with knee-high boots to complete the look. Even if you have the most fabulous body, that any girl would give an arm and a leg for, wearing an unbalanced and poorly coordinated outfit can actually ruin the look for you.
If you must show skin, try to keep it subtle, wear a long skirt with a slit, that goes all the way to the thighs, or team a halter top that highlights your toned arms with great fitting jeans.

Poorly Fitting Clothes

Always ensure you pick the right size. In other words, try on the garment to find the right fit. Don't squeeze into the garment just because you liked its color and cut.
The worst sight one can witness is somebody wearing poorly fitting garments, that can make him/her look horrible in all respects. You do not want to display the extra bulges, and cause something to rip when you are out on a date!

Outdated Fashion

We often find, that people turn up in some of the weirdest combinations. Although we don't deem it right to laugh their antics, it always has us thinking about where those contraptions actually came from.
The lesson to be learned, is to avoid wearing clothes that are out of style. This does not apply to all; fashion after all depends upon the individual as well. Pulling out those old clothes from the trunk in the attic may not work wonders for you! Instead, you can use it for your masquerade bash.

Too Much Makeup

Too much makeup or usage of inappropriate colors can also damage your look. Before you paint the grease on, do make an effort to check out the time of the day. The fashion rules are light makeup for daytime and heavy makeup for the night hours. Also check whether the makeup suits your outfit and your skin tone?
Even if you do not have time on hand, that does not mean you need to smear the lipstick beyond your natural lip line. Ugh! This could be the sloppiest way of going about wearing your makeup. Therefore, ensure you have enough time, pick up your brushes, and apply the makeup with ease.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

If you have been really awaiting that party with tremendous enthusiasm, and plan to dazzle everybody with all that glitz and shimmers, then trust me, you might cause them to look away rather than stare at you with admiration.
One of the most common mistakes would be to have your entire outfit crafted with sequins or embellishments, right down to your stilettos. Come to think of it, who doesn't love embellishments?
But, you can begin with a sequined handbag combined with a well-cut dress, or wear an intricately designed top, that could go with a basic denim skirt. The trick is to balance the elements rather than going over the top.
Remember that there is always a difference between being sensual and sexy as compared to looking sleazy. Keep it stylishly elegant, and watch heads turn towards you!
These common mistakes may soon be uncommon, if you plan your wardrobe with some careful consideration towards detailing. It is normal to make fashion blunders, but with a little thought, you can have a well-coordinated look that will surely create ripples!