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If Looks Could Kill, You'd Escape in Comfy Heels

Comfortable Heels
A pair of comfortable heels - quite the misnomer, isn't it? Well, it doesn't have to be so. As long as you keep a few key things in mind, it is possible to buy a pair of very comfy high heels.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Business woman Walking on Stairway
The quest for those perfect pair of heels can be pretty much the modern-day version of the labors of Hercules. But finding a pair that looks gorgeous, is gravity defying, and well, comfortable, all at the same time can be bit difficult, even for someone like Hercules, who has an enviable gene pool. There is a certain appeal that high heels hold, that for some reason, no other type of women's shoes can boast of.
You can whine and crib about the pain that comes with wearing high heels, but there is no denying that wearing a pair of stilettos can be the perfect pick-me-up on a day when everything else is going wrong. High heels look great, are the perfect proclamation of feminine power, and are the ultimate symbol of sex appeal. Despite everything that is good about these shoes, there is a need to wear comfortable shoes, especially if you need to spend the entire day in them. How do you choose heels that are comfortable for work? Or the best pair of high heels for that lunch date with your girlfriends? We tell you all that and more.
Heels that are Comfortable for Women
Choosing heels that are cozy can be a task that not many women will envy. After all, heels are the brand ambassador for the slogan, no pain, no gain. But there are things that you can keep in mind to choose a pair of shoes that provide some degree of support. And well, if nothing works, wear them to work, flaunt them for a bit, and then in while, remove them to don a pair of more comfortable flats.
  • Buy shoes that have the perfect fit. With heels that are either too big, or too small, your feet may get squished or slip in them. This may cause you injury. Always buy a pair that give you good arch support, and do not squeeze your toes together.
  • If you are searching for heels in which you can stand all day, then set your dreams of wearing 6-inch heels aside. Three-inch heels are, therefore, a better option. The higher the heel that you are wearing, the more the strain on your feet.
  • Another important factor to take into consideration is the width of the heels. You need to remember that wider the heels, the more even is the distribution of weight. Which is why it may be a good idea to opt for wedges or platforms, that give you the required height while reducing the strain on your feet.
  • The most comfortable of heels are generally those that do not have a very smooth sole. Remember that the more traction the shoes offers, the less likely that the shoes will slip. Traction makes it easier to walk on heels.
  • Pay attention to the material which the heels are made of. Choose heels that are made from materials like cork that offer good shock absorption.
  • The one thing that can be key to comfortable heels is to wear gel cushion insoles that will create a surface that is comfortable for you to walk on.
Heels are must have shoes for every woman. Every girl dreams of owning her own pair, while walking around in her mother's heels. What we don't know as kids is that as pretty as these shoes are, they can be quite a pain and are definitely not the coziest of heels. Choosing these heels may not be an easy task but once you find those pair of shoes that you can actually spend the entire day in, you would do well to consider yourself extremely fortunate.
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