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Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

Read the following, for choosing best colored lenses for brown eyes.
Aparna Jadhav Dec 24, 2019
Colored lenses have always been an attraction to people right from teenagers, young adults to older ones. This is because many people like to trade their natural eye color with other shades, once in a while. But when you select a pair of colored lenses, you have to be sure that they suit your eye color.
This means the color of your lenses often mixes with your eye color, and brings out a completely different shade of the eyes. Thus, if you wear light blue contact lenses over brown eyes, your eyes will actually look a muddy color of grayish blue. So, ensure that you purchase the right lenses.

Best Colored Contacts

Usually, colored contacts are never used on prescription, as many people use them even without having an optical number. Therefore, there are many non prescription contacts for brown eyes, which are chosen by a number of users, as they like to have that new look for their eyes.
Choosing a particular color for your brown eyes is completely individual choice, but always make sure, you pick the right colors as your eyes are the first things that people notice!
A lot of young women also like to match their contact lenses with their clothes as well as the eye makeup, which is worn to complement them. Keeping so many factors in mind, we have put together some colored contacts for brown eyes, in the coming up paragraphs, take a look.

Blue Color

There are many shades of brown eyes, right from dark brown to hazel brown to very light brown colors. When you are choosing lenses, you also have to keep this fact in mind. Many women who have fair skin tones with light hair like to go for fresh blue contacts.
When you choose a lighter shade of blue, your eyes actually look a slightly darker shade of blue-brown mix. This is a good choice for dark eyes. This happens when you have a dark brown base eye color. 
When you wear a bright blue on light brown eyes, you get a perfect sea blue which suits many users. Other blue shades are baby blue, deep blue, soft blue, and vibrant or electric blue.

Green Color

Green is another natural choice. Many people get different results with these contacts too, as they gel with the original brown to give an olive green iris with a tinge of brown.
In colored contacts too, there are types like opaque and translucent lenses, which also contribute to giving a different look to the eyes. Some such shades in green contacts are the opaque green, soft green, gemstone green, and other blends of this color.
In green, there are some which are also known as cat eye contacts as well. Green contacts also give a very natural look when they are worn on brown eyes, and suit those with a dark complexion too.

Gray Color

If you want a very neutral look for your eyes, which can go absolutely unnoticed, the color you are looking for is gray. This color is one, which can be worn on any shade of brown iris and looks very natural and subtle.
Considering the fact that there are no dark shades in the color gray, you can use the soft shades even on dark eyes. There are many good eye wear brands which sell cheap colored contacts for brown eyes as well.
Unlike some crazy colored contact lenses, gray contacts look very simple and match any skin tone just as your original eye color. The other gray shades available are, sterling gray, bold gray, and the sultry gray, which is the most popularly used by people.
With these various colored contacts, you can pick the colors, which are right for your eyes. But when you do, also make sure you purchase them from good brands so that your eyes are beautiful as well as protected.