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Little Black Dress to Suit Your Classy Cocktail Look

Kashmira Lad Oct 17, 2018
The little black dress has been the inseparable item in every woman's wardrobe since the olden days and also ranks highest amongst cocktail dresses.
The unwritten rule in fashion has always been, 'Every woman must own a little black cocktail dress' to complete her wardrobe. Men would never really know its importance unless it has actually been adorned by their date on a very special night out. The dress is known to be a stunner when combined with some elegant accessories.
This short, teeny, black, number was popularized by the world-famous designer-Coco Chanel in 1926. Since then, it has been the epitome of fashion. Audrey Hepburn sizzled in the movie, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' causing millions of women to emulate her cocktail dress.

Popular Designs


If you have great shoulders then flaunt them in a strapless dress. Accessorize with long, dangling, diamond earrings for a chic look and perfect your pout with red lipstick.


Do away the tradition and get flirty with a ruffled look. Works great for an evening out or a night out with friends, as you will feel cool and comfortable. Add some color to your lips and team it with high heels.


Get a fitting sheer dress with delicate sequined work at the necklines and the hemlines. The sparkle of the sequins sets off against the black. Most design houses offer unique ways to use these sparkling sequins. Grab a chic clutch bag in a contrast color.


If you are not the kind to feel comfortable with plain black, then lace, sheer, and see-through material can help you jazz up the outfit. Look for elaborate necks or backs for a touch of difference. Soft and sheer materials are also used for the sleeves, back or even the midriff areas.

Halter style

Add some drama to your dress by making it in halter-style. Ideal for some hot summer evenings, the dress is flattering when combined with black stilettos.
You can enhance your cocktail dresses with a sequined stole and stilettos embedded with diamonds. Find out which neck would suit you the most. Cowl necks, V-neck and even wrap dresses can break the monotony of black.
Throw on a jacket if it's a quiet dinner you are attending or combine with a pair of leggings for an evening with your girl pals. Knee-high boots can create some drama at any club or discotheque. Stick to flats if the occasion is casual.