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7 Comfortable and Really Classy Ways to Wear Polo

Classy Ways to Wear Polo
With the mercury rising heavenwards like nobody's business, we shed our heavy clothes and opt for the lightweight collection instead. Cooling down doesn’t necessarily mean you go all shabby; cue polo shirts. From woolen full sleeve ones to warm you in the cold winters to the cottons to cool you down, polo shirts are must-haves in your closet.
Apurva Neurgaonkar
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
For Men
Button Up/Indie-boy Look
Buttoned Up/Indie-boy Look
Over the years, many pop stars and celebrities have played a major role in boosting the popularity of the buttoned-up look. A buttoned up polo, however, would not go well with baggy jeans; it should be worn with slim-fit or standard fit jeans.
Polo with Trousers
Polo with Trousers
Wanna channel Brando at work? Pair your stylish polo shirt with a pair of slim fit trousers, but stay away from pinstriped or too formal trousers. Hey, you want to look fun and responsible at the same time, don't you?
Take a break, sport the white
Take a break, Sport the White:
Whether you're heading for a sporting event or a casual hangout, white beats all. Pair a white slim cut pique with tapering chinos and brown loafers, and you are ready to grab eyeballs.
Tucked or Untucked?
Tucked or Untucked?
It depends. If confused, just take into account what the occasion is, who is likely to attend and what are you wearing the polo with. Tucked in would be preferable for smart dinners and dress-down Fridays at work, while the untucked option is best suited for a casual look.
For Women
Shape the Shapeless
Shape the Shapeless
Since a squarish or a loose polo shirt can hide your curves and make you look masculine, wearing it with a fitted pencil skirt or a pair of bold-colored skinny jeans will balance the look. Heels or wedges look good with this pairing.
Go the 90s Style
Go the 90'S Style:
Less is more. Get into the hipster mode with casual ensembles, and let the standalone polo do the talking.
Casual Business
Casual Business
If you are going for the casual look in office, wear a blazer over the polo shirt. The shirt will be tucked into your jeans or trousers. Make sure the collar remains under the cut of the blazer.
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