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Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds
Chocolate diamonds are one of the many 'colored' diamonds available. They're rare, valuable and add a touch of class to any piece of jewelry. Read this article to know more about these wonderful gemstones!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
"Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment." - Catherine Aitken
"Diamonds are a girl's best friend." - Jule Styne (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
It's very obvious from the above quotes that this article has something to do with chocolate and diamonds. Does that make you happy? It gets even better! Imagine a combination of the two! Yes, that's right! This article will take you into the sparkling world of chocolate diamonds! Lose yourself in the glitz and glamor of it all!
What Are Chocolate Diamonds?
Diamonds, as you already know, are probably the most precious gemstones that one would want to own. They are basically stones dug out from mines, cut and polished till they appear glistening and stunning as we see them in the stores. Diamonds are found in many colors. The white (or colorless) ones are the most common variety. However, diamonds are available in almost every color of the rainbow too - yellow, pink, green, purple, black, blue, red, gray and brown. Red diamonds are among the rarest. But what we'll be focusing on here are the brown ones. Those gorgeous earth colored diamonds that adorn quite a few fingers, ears and necks these days.
Let's get the technicality out of the way right at the onset, shall we? These 'brown' diamonds get their color due to equal spacing of nitrogen atoms within the carbon lattice of the stone. The more the concentration of the atoms, the browner the stone appears. These brown diamonds are not easily found and can easily be mistaken for other colored gemstones. They are found mostly in the Australian diamond mines (about 0.1% of the total diamonds mined there). They come in a variety of color combinations, ranging from dark to light shades in the same color family. The most prominently found combinations of these brown diamonds are given below:
  • Orange brown
  • Honey brown
  • Red brown
  • Greenish orange brown
  • Yellow brown
As such, the brown diamonds have now come to be known by a lot of other names depending on the intensity of the brownness of the stone. For instance deep brown ones are called 'café diamonds' or the ones with the green tinge in them are referred to as 'cognac diamonds'. The ones that are a lighter shade of brown go by the name of 'champagne diamonds', and so on and so forth. Different jewelry houses come up with different names for these 'fancy diamonds' as a ploy to boost sales. But that does not take away the fact that they are inherently exquisite stones for people looking for 'something different'. Also, you can rest assured that there is minimal to no chance of these stones being conflict stones as they are not developed in such areas.
Who Invented Them?
The popularity of the brown diamonds grew when LeVian Corp., founded by Mr. Abdulrahim LeVian, started wide campaigns by effectively branding their brown diamonds as 'Chocolate Diamonds'. Perfectly tapping the appeal of two of the most irresistible objects, LeVian Corp. certainly made it big in the jewelry industry with these earthly colored stones. Thus started the craze for these dark-colored diamonds and it is one that is still on. Though many other jewelry houses have attempted to utilize the term 'chocolate diamonds' for their own jewelry lines, the exclusive monopoly still lies with LeVian, and LeVian chocolate diamonds definitely have a higher value in the market than other brown diamonds.
Chocolate Diamonds Jewelry
What better way to show the woman you love that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, than with a chocolate diamond ring! It's pretty, it's rare, and it can be exquisitely set in a base of gold or platinum to express just how much you treasure her.
Ah! The perfect gift for your mom or sister! You can choose from so many different available designs for gorgeous necklaces. If you're not sure if they'll like a necklace, go for a pendant in a shape that you think will complement their face and body structure the most. If you're getting one for yourself, you can choose a fully stoned necklace or a single pendant with a big brown stone surrounded by white or other gemstones in a gold or other base. Chocolate diamond necklaces are perfect for a formal event like an official dinner or an important meeting.
Buy a perfect pair of glimmering earrings to go with your necklace. It completes the set and makes your face glow with its sparkle. The best part is that you can wear a pair of these colored earrings even without a necklace. Just wear simple studs and a classy bracelet with a business suit and you'll look professional, feminine and chic all at once!
So what do you think? Are you ready to go off and buy these irresistible gems? If not for yourself, they are a great gift idea! So, if you're thinking about a unique way to propose to your girlfriend but don't want to go with the cliché solitaire, give her an engagement ring with chocolate diamonds in them instead. It'll be different from others AND it will show her how precious she is to you. She'll absolutely love it.
For the other men reading this article, these diamonds are perfect for any special occasion or just to show how much your sweetheart means to you. Here's a tip: Use it as an apology gift and you'll be forgiven in a jiffy! No woman can stay angry when she's given jewelry, and diamonds are definitely right on the top of the list. As Zsa Zsa Gabor puts it, "I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back."