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8 Chic Ways to Tie a Belt That Will Make Your Style Game Stronger

8 Chic Ways to Tie a Belt
With the advent of cute, super-slim, and colorful options, there are so many different and creative ways to tie a belt, whether it is on a dress, a high-waist skirt, or a blazer. They make very trendy additions to your wardrobe, and it helps if you know some different ways to tie those annoying long ends in a fresh, new style.
Roma Dar
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
A belt is more than a functional accessory today; it has become an essential clothing component in itself, and has the power to make or break your look. The belt draws positive attention to your waist by making it the focus of your outfit, and providing a contrast between your upper and lower body, by accentuating the waist that divides them. To those who are not naturally petite, the belt adds a delicacy.

Belts come in various styles, materials, and widths. The same outfit will look drastically different if you just change the belt. A classic 60s' American dress will look chic and bohemian if you replace the thin, prim belt with a leather belt with huge buckles twice the width, and knee-length boots.

There are several innovative ways to tie a belt these days, in case you are bored with wearing belts the traditional way. Though used to hold up pants at the waist, they are now used in trendy and innovative ways with different dresses, skirts, pants, and jumpsuits.
Quick Fact
The belt was not always a woman's accessory because the first belts were documented for use by men. They were created as girdles in order to hang weapons like swords or quivers on the person, since there was no other way to carry them without holding them. In the 1850s, belts made a foray into feminine styles, left, and then came back again in the 1900s when women first started wearing pants.
The Judo or Kimono Belt
The Judo or Kimono Belt
A Judo or Kimono belt is inspired by East Asian styles of tying their long, loose, and flowy attires into a comprehensive whole. What you want to do is leave your thin, leathery, normal buckled belt out, and opt for something broad, flat, and made with cloth to tie around your waist instead. Tie on a kimono-style dress to finish the look. Opt for a basic alternating patterned-block or block-patterned color combo.
Ye Olde Knot
Ye Olde Knot
Completely ignore the buckle and the holes on your belt. Take both the ends of a belt too long for you, and tie them in a good ol' fashioned knot. Tuck the ends into your belt if you like, or leave them dangling. VoilĂ ! Combine with a long floral maxi, or a solid block of LBD (Little Blue Dress), tuck it right under your bust, and you're good to go chic!
The Butterfly
The Butterfly Knot
The Butterfly, or Infinity knot, is a beautiful addition to any monochrome dress, because it draws attention to itself when made with both thin or thick belts. It is a chic way to puzzle people with the delicate little knot on your waist, and does very well to merge into your outfit instead of looking like a separate accessory. Use it with an A-line or sheath dress for a sophisticated ensemble.
The Pretzel
The Pretzel Knot
This one looks incredibly cute and symmetrical, looks very similar to the Butterfly belt, except that the loose end is taken behind the belt instead of the front. Add it to a cute summer dress or with a pair of denims, short peplum tops and denim combos, or even a skirt 'n' shirt.
The Back flip
The Back flip
This is the simplest trick in the book, and does not look too difficult or complicated. Just flip back the loose end in a big loop and tuck. Two moves and you're set. It doesn't take up too much time to make either, so you can do a quick tuck before work to add some pizzazz to a boring work outfit, or after work when you go meet friends for a do and have no time to change. Wear it on a dress that fits your curves well.
Dual Belts
Dual Belts
If you want a splash of color that makes things pop, add thin, multiple-colored belts to your outfit. Alternatively, just buy a belt too large for you and wind it around your waist twice instead of once, and hook it up. Chic and trendy at once!
The Cover-Up
The Cover-Up
This one is for a really long belt. For those of us who dislike the loose end hanging out of a belt unsupported by grooves/loops, especially in dresses, you can hide the unwanted appendix by simply tucking the end into the first loop provided with the belt, behind the knot. You can also tie a clear hair tie around the loose end, for a cheap, easy, and inconspicuous trick to keep the end up like a normal belt.
Tips for a Unique Look
  • Scarves and ribbons used as belts (combined or even plaited in different combos) make a refreshing change for your wardrobe, and look trendy at the same time.
  • You might try threading beads, tinny bells, or small dangly charms through your belt, and then tying it. These add-ons lend an even more personalized look to your little knot.
  • Tying belt knots right below your bust, instead of at boring waist level, in a baby-doll cinch will add a cute touch to your ensemble.
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