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Tips for Buying Wedge Shoes

Aastha Dogra Nov 24, 2018
Wedge shoes are a versatile type of footwear that go well with almost all types of outfits. Here are some tips for buying wedge shoes with various styles and designs to choose from.
For women who aspire to look stylish and trendy, but not at the cost of compromising on their comfort, wedge shoes, whose heel extends to the entire bottom of the foot, are an ideal choice.
They are one of the most popular amongst women's footwear, for both casual as well as formal dressing. As they are so versatile and match with almost any outfit, their cost can be pretty steep. However, finding cheap options is not as difficult as it seems.

Designs and Colors

Today, there is a wide variety available for wedge shoes, in terms of colors and designs. They are available in formal colors like black, brown, and tan, in cool pastel shades as well as in bright colors like orange, red, yellow, etc.
For parties, there are golden, silver, and white ones available too. So, you can see, there is a color to match each and every outfit of yours!
The heels can be less than an inch or sometimes even more than six inches! The heels are made up of rubber, wood, or can be woven. As the heels resemble platform heels, they add height to a woman's body, without making her bear the pain and discomfort that is so common with wearing pencil-heels.
The toes can be open, closed, or peep toed. For the top covering, the most common materials used are leather, suede, satin, cotton, rubber, and plastic. In fact, if you are looking for cheap ones, go in for the ones made of faux leather, canvas, rubber, or cotton as the satin and pure leather ones can be very expensive.
As for the patterns, there are the plain ones, the ones with polka dots and stripes on them. The slingback type, which come with straps that can be tied to the ankle or calf as well the "espadrilles" - the ones with a retro look, simply look fabulous with any outfit!

Where to Buy

To buying cheap wedge shoes, the Internet is the best place to look. The online stores offer a wide variety which can be bought for as little as twenty or thirty dollars! If you buy your shoes from a departmental store, check whether they have a website.
Sometimes large stores give discounts on their sites, as they do not have to spend money on stocking the goods or hiring the sales people and thus, they pass the benefits to their customers by offering them discounts, to win their loyalty. So, search the Internet thoroughly and you are sure to find many casual and formal choices!

How to Wear

There is no pair of shoes that can be as versatile as a wedge shoe. They can be worn with one-piece dresses for a semi-formal look at a party. The same pair can be worn with jeans for a carefree, casual look. The close toed type in formal colors like black and brown go very well with business clothes.
While the satin ones look amazing with gowns worn at a marriage. Wedge sneakers can be paired with skirts, capris or jeans for a cool, comfortable look at your college or for a shopping spree.
As you can see, these shoes can make any outfit look trendy, funky, stylish, or classy, depending upon their design and color chosen!
The most important advice on matching outfits - always wear loose clothes with these shoes, i.e., free-flowing skirts, sundresses, flared jeans, boot-cut jeans, etc. Body hugging women's clothing worn with these shoes tend to make the feet look heavy and undesirable, so they should be avoided!
Whether you buy expensive or cheap shoes, as long as you pair them with the right outfits, they can do wonders for the way you look! So, get a pair of this fashion accessory today and go all stylish and funky!