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This Detailed Guide for Buying Character Shoes is What You Need

Character Shoes Buying Guide
Planning to buy your first pair of character shoes? This article will give you the requisite information on how to buy them.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
As the name suggests, character shoes are often worn by stage artists during performances or auditions. They go well with any character, and usually have a simple design and neutral colors. Recently, some variations were made to these classic shoes. Their design is best-suited to all actors, irrespective of the character they play. They can also be converted into character shoes for dancing by simply attaching a metal tap to them. That is why they are also sometimes known as tap shoes. Although they are a little different from authentic dance shoes that you normally get, they can be comfortably worn for typical dance sequences like jazz, salsa, and the like.
For Men
Character shoes for men are an undecorated, simpler version of lace-up Oxfords. Although these shoes mostly come with leather soles, you also have an option of choosing from various synthetic materials for the same. The material should be chosen according to the shoes' specific purpose. You can also get a detachable tap, if you wish to wear them during a dance routine. They are mostly available in black, white, brown, and similar neutral shades.
For Women
Character shoes for women look more or less like Mary Jane shoes with heels. Unlike a sleeker heel of a stiletto, the heel of a character shoe is thick and chunkier. The height and width of the heel can vary greatly, according to the make of the shoe. They come with a strap or buckle, on the top. An additional T-strap can also be attached to shoes for better security, preventing them from coming off during vigorous dance moves. Women can also attach a tap to the heels for tap dancing performances. These character shoes can be found in funky colors such as red, green, blue, and golden, apart from the usual black or beige.
How to Buy
If you are buying your first pair of character shoes, it is greatly recommended that you purchase them at a dance-shoes store or any retail store. One problem when buying them is that finding a size above 10, can be quite a task, as most retail stores do not stock shoes above this size. Hence, you will need to try on several sizes before finding a pair that perfectly fits. Try doing some dance moves with the shoes on to get accustomed to the way it feels. If you are required to wear them for long hours during a performance or rehearsal, comfort is the most important thing that you should look for. Also choose a sole as per your role or other purpose. Cheap shoes can be bought from various shopping websites on the internet.
This kind of footwear is not recommended for daily or outdoor use. They have very little durability, as they tend to wear off quickly. It is advised to put them on just before the performance. Hence, make sure that you bring along an extra pair of shoes to change after your performance. Besides, character shoes are not exactly designed to offer maximum comfort. Hence, expect a little discomfort while wearing them.
For auditions and rehearsals, you may invest in cheap ones. However, for actual performances or dance routines, always go for a good quality pair.
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