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Buying School Uniforms Online

Buying School Uniforms Online

Buying school uniforms from your local store may not be the best option always, for now you can buy them online, just at a click of mouse.
Fashionhance Staff
Many private and public schools have uniforms as their official dress code. These are mostly available as separates at various local and online stores. However, buying school uniforms from a local store can be a big hassle at times, as you have to fight a huge rush at stores. Since most people choose to buy school uniforms just before schools reopen, these stores are often flooded with parents and kids. As a result, you may not always get best deal, or even best products, at such stores. Hence, it would be a better idea to buy school uniforms online. This way, you not only save on time and effort, but you may also avail some of the best deals. There are many websites which deal in uniforms for school kids. Given below is a list of some of the popular ones.

Where to Buy School Uniforms Online

Wal-Mart showcases a large range of uniform separates for boys and girls in basic, solid colors. Faded Glory cotton-poly boy's shorts in khaki or navy, and George brand girl's short-sleeve polo shirt are some of the popular items on this website. Both of these uniform separates come with Scotchguard stain protection. A shipping cost of 97 cents is charged per order.

Childrenspace specializes in 100% cotton uniform separates for boys and girls. Chino pants and button down Oxford shirts are some favorite items for boys, while a wide range of girl's uniform separates such as hooded cardigans, navy or khaki pants, and cotton-twill pleated skirts with adjustable waist, are also available. A shipping cost of USD 5 is charged per order.

Frenchtoast has school uniforms in varying sizes, starting from size 4. Besides, it also houses an array of styles in uniforms. You will find a number of items, such as button-down Oxfords, turtlenecks, and plaid ties, as well as girl's clothing, such as V-neck pleated jumpers in various colors and patterns. A shipping cost of USD 5.95 is charged per order. They also have a special program named 'Dollars in Uniform' in which 5% of every uniform sale goes to the respective enrolled school. They also have a 30-day return policy in which you can claim a full refund.

Gapkids offers the most cost-effective deals in online uniform shopping. They have a '2 for' sale in which you can get a pair of uniform separates under USD 25. Besides, you can also find a whole line of uniform separates under USD 19.50. They also have a very convenient and hassle free return policy.

If you are looking for well made, quality school uniforms, then Landsend is the place to visit. Landsend catalog encompasses a range of schoolwear for girls and boys. Most of their clothing line is either 100% cotton or cotton blend. They have a 'Preferred School Program' through which the enrolled schools get a rebate of 3% on every sale.

Besides the above-mentioned websites, you may also visit other online retailers such as Cookieskids, OldNavy, Target, SchoolUniform, etc. You can also look for pre-used school uniforms on websites such as eBay, if you are looking for frugal uniform options. Online stores often offer discounts as high as 20 to 40% on their products, as well as shipping costs. Besides, you can also shop for other school supplies.

Hence, you should definitely consider buying school uniforms online if you wish to find the best bargains.