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Business Suits for Women

Mamta Mule Nov 22, 2018
Does your dress code at work require you to wear business suits? Here's all about choosing the right business suits for women.
Classy, elegant, and professional are the words that rightly describe business suits. One may need to wear suits if it is the dress code or on special occasions and formal events.
While the basic elements of business suits for women remain the same, you can add those few stylish elements to make your piece a unique one. Here's more about the same.

Types and Options

Women can opt for the pant and skirt suits. In both the cases, apart from the pant or skirt, the suit consists of a jacket matching with the skirt or pant, which can be worn on a full-sleeved shirt. You can choose the style of pant and skirt that suits you the best.
Skirts usually come with a slit or a thin pleat, extending a few inches above the seam. These add a comfort element to those tight skirts. For a professional attire, the length of skirts must not be more than 1 - 2 inches above your knees. While you take trials of the skirt, remember to check the length by sitting down.
Pants can be more comfy than skirts. You can choose from flared, boot-cut, skinny slacks, to wide leg patterns of the suit pants. Petite women should not wear flared or boot cut pants, as these will make them look shorter.
Flat front pants are best to be picked while choosing suits for plus size women. A pleated front will give a bulky look.
You can go for plain shirts in neutral colors, like white, off with, sky blue, lemon yellow, according to the color of your suit. Plain shirts are the best choice. For a stylish look, you can have a single-colored shirt with pinstripes.
In jackets, you can pick the single breasted or double-breasted piece. You can choose one with a flap, patch, or besom(slit) pocket style. Besom pockets, undoubtedly look the best. Suits usually have 1 - 3 buttons.
Check out which one you want to opt for. For adding that trendy element, you can have a piece with a line of buttons on the sleeves. You can choose to have designer suits with patterned seams for the lapel. Tuxedos are also a great style to go in for to make a classy and elegant style statement.

Colors and Patterns

Black, brown, gray, and navy blue is what you can always pick. While the dark colors have always been known to be the best for business attire, you can definitely experiment to have a classy suit. So, you can try colors, like off-white, mustard, beige, or maroon.
Apart from the regular plain pattern, you can opt to have a slightly designer piece with a patterned fabric. Pinstripe, sharkskin, houndstooth are perfect patterns. You can also go in for a mix and match. Make sure you do not have two patterns in one suit. You can simply pair a plain bottom with a patterned jacket.

Choose the Right Material

No matter which pattern and style you choose, the right material will make your suit look perfect and fit rightly. Don't go for cheap ones made from the fabric that wrinkles and attracts lint very easily. You can opt for blends of cottons, wool, rayon, polyester, and jersey.

Right Fit is a Must

The suit should be a good fit. A loose fitting jacket, pant or skirt will make you look unbecoming. The pants should not pucker at the crotch or hips, the skirt should not be loose at waist. For the jacket, the shoulders must stay perfectly on and should be lightly padded.
The sleeves must be of a length so that they fall 5 inches above the tip of your thumb, and reveal at least ΒΌ of the cuff of your shirt. The pants must fall on your shoes. The length of the jacket can be a few inches above your hips. A well-tailored suit is sure to give you the ultimate look
Make sure you accessorize it in the right way. Add minimal jewelry, women's dress shoes, belt, and a formal purse. Make sure that the belt, purse, and shoes match each other and complement the outfit to make a perfect business attire.
So, don that business suit, accessorize it, wear a formal updo hairstyle, and look perfectly professional.