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The Real Answers to Your Questions About Business Casual Jeans

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Jun 18, 2019
Can you wear a jeans to work, when the dress code says business casual? Know more on what is business casual jeans and how to wear it.
Many corporate houses are embracing new forms of dress code, such as business casual, smart casual etc. The purpose behind this move is to create a comfortable work environment for the employees. Heavy business suits, neck ties, formal shoes etc. can all be very suffocating for the employees and may affect their productivity.
A more lenient approach comes in the form of a business casual dress code. This dress code portrays a professional image while still allowing the employee to stay comfortable. This type of dress code also allows you to experiment a little with your attire.
However, as there are no specific norms regarding what is acceptable as business casual attire and what is not, there is a lot of confusion at the employee level. More so, when it comes to wearing a pair of denims. So, can you really wear a jeans to workplace even when the dress code says business casual? Let us find out...

Can You Wear a Jeans at Workplace?

Jeans is an acceptable form of dress code when the work culture is liberal and promotes casual dressing. Creative fields especially are more relaxed about dress codes. In such organizations, jeans can be a part of everyday dressing. Besides, some organizations have a particular 'jeans acceptable' dress code as a part of 'Friday casuals'.
In all such cases, it is acceptable to wear jeans to work. However, when you are unsure about the acceptance of jeans as a part of business casual dressing, but want to wear it regardless, then you can certainly benefit from the following tips.
Before deciding what to wear for a business casual dress code, it is a must that you evaluate the work culture of the respective organization. Observing your superiors is a good idea to start with.
Even though the dress code is relaxed, you will never find executives dressed in baggy or distressed jeans and sports T-shirt. Generally, it is recommended that you should always dress up one level up of what is expected out of you.
If your job involves interaction with clients or you are in hospitality industry, then you will be required to dress up formally all the time. Such industries do not encourage wearing jeans. If you must wear a jeans, then you will still have to conform to the norms of business casual attire.

How to Wear a Business Casual Jeans?

First things first, you cannot wear a low rise, ripped, faded, frayed or distressed jeans to work, no matter how liberal your work culture is.
Besides, jeans with heavy embroidery, too many pockets and other embellishments also does not make it to a business casual attire. Also, cargo jeans and other ill fitting jeans cannot form a part of your office dressing. Now that you know what you cannot wear to work, the rest can be easy.


The classic color for jeans for working women is royal blue or black. Jeans in lightweight fabric is suitable for a business casual attire as it resembles slacks or trousers.
Similarly, a boot cut jeans must be preferred over a straight fit jeans as it gives an impression of a formal trouser. Although, there is no harm in wearing a straight fit jeans, skinny jeans must be avoided at all costs. You can dress up on a more formal side by teaming up your jeans with silk blouses, knit tops and button down shirts.
Complete your business casual look with a decent pair of shoes and handbag.


Men should wear a classic pair of jeans in blue or navy color. Slim fits, boot cuts are definitely not for men. They should instead go for a simple straight fit jeans.
Men can team up their jeans with button down shirts such as Oxfords or they can wear a simple T-shirt and throw a sports jacket or a blazer.
A polo shirt is also acceptable as a form of business casual dressing in some companies. Wear a pair of loafers or formal shoes to complete your look.
Thus, one can indeed wear a jeans to work if they know how to wear it correctly. If you get your ensemble right, no one will ever know that you wear a jeans to work!