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Broomstick Skirts: Look Cute and Upbeat in Crinkles and Pleats

Broomstick Skirt
Want to know more about broomstick skirts and the patterns in which they are available? Are you confused what to wear with it? You will find answers to all these questions in this article.
Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Do you like skirts? I know that majority women will be saying yes. They are just as popular as jeans; very comfortable, beautiful, and extremely feminine. Broomstick is a popular skirt type that has a rich history dating back to the period of Renaissance, and wrinkled or crinkled appearance is its peculiarity. It is a very free-flowing and long skirt, and is very much "Indian". It is popular by various names like the gypsy skirt, hippie skirt, peasant skirt, tiered skirt, and Indian skirt. The wrinkled look of the skirt comes from the long pleats that appear like the broomsticks.
Broomstick skirts can add to your style statement if you are able to carry them off well. Here are different patterns for this skirts:
  • Plain: Plain colors, like white or black, along with the wrinkled look or pleats can enhance your beauty. Go for it if you like something that is very simple, yet elegant.
  • Tiered: One to many tiers of same or contrasting colors will look amazing. This is the most popular pattern. Many skirts are available in the "tiered" look. The color is entirely your choice.
  • Floral Satin: These include skirts made from satin with floral prints on them. You can best use them during summers, which will give a pleasant look.
  • Ethnic Print: Ethnic prints, blended with beautiful colors and textures, give the skirts a very traditional "Indian" look. The skirt could be same as hippie style or gypsy style.
  • Pattern Happy: This one is characterized by alternate patterns of flowers and stripes.
  • Sublimation: This one has an alternation of high and low hem.
The other patterns include:
  • Tie-dyed
  • Tiered Boho Peasant
  • Silver Stream
  • 2 Mirrored Batik
  • Kaktus Women's Godet
  • Rainbow
  • Cattlelac Ranch
  • Denim
  • Mixed Print
  • Cotton
  • Patchwork
Care Tips
  • Go for hand wash or light machine wash. Use the appropriate detergent, and see to it that the skirt does not become stiff.
  • After the wash, while the skirt is still wet, fold it into half, and hang it on a skirt hanger or a clip and then twist it from the other end as much as you can. Do not be very harsh with it. You can also tell a friend of yours to hold the waist band end, so as to twist the skirt from the other end.
  • Now if your skirt is a tiered one, knot it after every tier with the help of a twine. But if it is non-tiered, then add the knots only at the top and bottom.
  • Hang the skirt in a not-so-windy place so that the wrinkled look is not messed up.
You can wear light or dark-colored sleeveless or full sleeves short kurtis with these skirts, which will give you a very Indian look. The color combination is your personal choice. Try using contrasting colors which will enhance your look. You can wear tops along with jackets if you want to carry a western look. A pair of ear studs and sandals will be just perfect. You can go in for some bangles if you want to.
Make Your Own Skirt
  1. Measure your waist. Measure the length of the skirt you want.
  2. Buy a fabric that is double the width of your waist. Give some room to sew the elastic waistband as well.
  3. Sew the long sides of the fabric after hemming them. This will form the base of your skirt.
  4. Sew the waistband properly with the help of a wire by turning it inside out.
  5. Wash it and knot it as told before to give the wrinkled look to your skirt. Dry it, and you have a broomstick skirt ready to use. You can use various patterns of fabrics as well.
To sum up, I would suggest all women and girls to go and try out the broomstick skirt. It will surely enhance your beauty!
Woman in a long multicolor skirt