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Brighton Jewelry Charms

Brighton Jewelry Charms

If you are looking out for charm beads to add to your charm bracelet, then one of your best options are jewelry charms from Brighton. Read this article to know more about what the different charm beads that this company designs are.
Tulika Nair
Charm bracelets are a fun, contemporary, and individualistic way to tell the world what your interests, what your beliefs, and what the things you would hold important are. Every charm tells a story that is unique to your experiences. It has a range of charm beads and charm bracelets, that you can create charm bracelets with. Brighton charms are available in a variety of patterns and designs, allowing you to create a unique piece of jewelry that will be synonymous with you.

Brighton Jewelry
Started by Jerry and Teri Kohl in 1991, Brighton initially started out as a belt making venture, which expanded to include accessories for women. Headquartered in California, Brighton today has about 100 retail stores all over United States, with its products selling in over 6000 boutiques as well. Today the company has products in a huge range, including bags, jewelry, shoes, fragrances, luggage, accessories, etc. The company believes in making their product from top to end, from in-house designers sketching it to the products being manufactured by the company as well. All designs have their signature heart logo on it. It is known to have collectible ranges all with a significant message. Whether you buy jewelry charms, necklaces or rings, they create designs that appeal to the inner romantic in every person. Designs like butterflies, hearts, dragon flies, and love notes are found widely on most jewelry manufactured by Brighton. Jewelry from Brighton serves as the perfect gift for women who are collecting their different ranges.

The reason for their popularity is the wide range of coordinating products that they have on sale. They have jewelry made of silver and costume jewelry on their product line but they restrict the sales on sterling silver jewelry. The wide variety of jewelry they have include charm bracelets, anklets, earrings, necklaces, rings, pins, and even charm beads. The many designs that they have can be used to dress up your outfits and accessorize with matching patterned jewelry. The jewelry is also extremely affordable, making it a perfect buy for most women.

Jewelry Charms from Brighton
Charms and charm beads form an integral part of Brighton jewelry. They are a part of most designs that the jewelry design brand creates, from bracelets to necklaces and even anklets. Customers can also add these charms to their jewelry if and when they wish to. Charms have always been very popular among women because of the way every unique charm can be added to their piece of jewelry, depending on the meaning that they have for the wearer. There are different types of jewelry charms that the company creates. The differentiation is based on the attachment method of each of the charms. The different charms from Brighton available in the market are described below.
  • ABC Beads and Spacers: Beads and spacers are generally of two kinds, one adorned with Swarowski crystals and the other kind is generally made to look beautiful with filigree work. The first kind is usually bright and colorful, while the second kind is generally more subtle in its presentation. These beads and spacers closely resemble rings and look like miniature versions of the same, except that these are supposed to be threaded into chains.
  • ABC Clasp: These clasps are commonly called dual lobster claw clasps, which is a reference to the clasp that they have on both sides of the charm. The charm needs to clamped together to be shut tight around the chain it is thread into. Most charms of this type tend to be used as links and have only one decorative motif, which makes it quite aesthetic.
  • Droplets: Droplets are the most common kind of clasp system in the market. They resemble earrings, with charms hanging from a tiny ring like cap. These charms are one of the most popular type of charms that Brighton offers.
If you are a charm bracelet aficionado or simply like collecting these charms because you like to alter your jewelry depending on your creativity for the day, then purchasing charms would be a good idea. These gorgeous charm designs are the perfect blend between beauty and affordability.