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What You Must Know Before Buying a Brighton Charm Bracelet

Sujata Iyer Nov 23, 2018
If you own a Brighton charm bracelet, you definitely know why you couldn't resist buying it. And if you don't, well then let's see if the information here can make you decide about buying one.
"Hearts in all the right places" is the tag line of one of the jewelry giants, Brighton. Jewelry making is an art. An art that has been nurtured and perfected by Brighton over the years. Initially launched as a belt brand, Brighton has grown tremendously, and forayed into the business of accessory designing.
Brighton jewelry and other accessories like handbags, sunglasses, watches, etc. have a 'heart' of their own. The designers are extremely talented, and make it a point to incorporate some sort of message in every piece of jewelry that they design.
Here, we're going to know more about the line of Brighton charm bracelets that the company has to offer.

Celebration Charm Bracelet

This Brighton bracelet is absolutely perfect when you're in the mood for a fiesta! It is made of silver and has a lobster claw closure. Now let's get to the juicy part.
The charms in this gorgeous Swarovski encrusted bracelet include a champagne bottle, a pretty party dress, a stylish champagne flute, a chic handbag, an elegant high-heeled shoe (Cinderella style) and to top off the celebratory mood, a little party hat! All the charms have been enameled by hand and in keeping with the latest trends, are three dimensional!

Sunny Days Charm Bracelet

Here's one that is perfect for a stroll in the park, a summer wedding, or even a not-so-serious-not-so-casual date. It is made in silver, and has a lobster claw closure like the Celebration bracelet.
The charms are different sizes of Shasta daisies, with white petals and a sunny yellow center. Doesn't get prettier than this!
Each flower has been hand enameled and the detailing is absolutely perfect, something that Brighton always strives for. Wear this out on a sunny day, and enjoy the envious glances, as the sun's rays glisten and bounce off your lovely charm bracelet! You can also wear this bracelet with a Sunny Days necklace and matching earrings also available with Brighton.

Touch of Love Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is a part of the Touch of Love Collection at Brighton. It is a silver bracelet, again with a lobster claw closure.
This bracelet has 5 silver hearts on it, with engraved messages on each heart. The messages read,
  • Spread Love
  • Together Love
  • Faithful Love
  • Peaceful Love
  • Cosmic Love
This gorgeous bracelet is a stunning beauty, and a great idea for a gift for the woman you love. 

L'Amore Hearts Charm Bracelet

This is one of the more casual of the Brighton charm bracelet collection. Casual meaning casual to wear, but in no means casual by design. This design has six different types of hearts in silver attached to it.
Each heart is engraved in a different style, and are all equally gorgeous! It has a lobster claw closure like the others. This one's super for a casual party or a concert! So, go get one of these ASAP!

Pedigree Cat Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is for all you feline fans! Dedicate this special bracelet to your dear cat by sporting it. It's a pretty silver bracelet with the following charms,
  • Whole Cat Figurine
  • Cat's Head
  • Milk Bowl
  • Cat Food
  • Fish
  • Bird
  • Kittens
Flaunt your love for your pet with this cute charm bracelet.

Winter Wonderland Charm Bracelet

This is another example of how Brighton can incorporate style and oomph in something as simple as a charm bracelet. This snow themed bracelet, is set in silver and has a toggle closure.
The charms on this bracelet are, as you guessed, mittens, a snowflake, an ice skate with tassels, a cap, a cup of sizzling cocoa, and a pretty heart, with the words 'let it snow' engraved on it. This is one of the most chic bracelets in the entire Brighton jewelry line.
So, have you decided to go and get one of these? Buy one and show off your twinkling wrists to the world!