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Bracelet Color Meanings

Bracelet Color Meanings
Bracelets, immensely popular among teenagers and young adults, come in various types and colors, each meaning something special and different...
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
Bracelets are a convenient way to make a fashion statement, as they are easily available in different varieties, and are relatively cheaper than other kinds of accessories. They are available in different material, ranging from silver to rubber. Bracelets come in a variety of shapes and colors. In fact, it is not uncommon for users to wear more than one type or color of bracelet at the same time. But did you know that each bracelet color possesses its own significance?
In this Fashionhance article, we will looking at some of the different types of bracelets with respective meanings for their colors. You can find their exact meanings and significance.
Salvation Bracelets
A salvation bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is a symbolic representation of a person believing in Christianity. This bracelet has beads of different colors, like gold, black, red, white, blue and purple. More often than not, a salvation bracelet also consists of the Christian Cross. Here is what the different bead colors signify.
  • BlackStands for detachment from God and sin
  • RedDepicts the blood of Christ, that was shed for the people
  • Blue -The blue bead represents baptism or the Holy Spirit
  • GreenIt represents growth of faith
  • Gold -The gold bead stands for heaven
  • WhiteConveys that people's sins are cleansed and they are forgiven
Mood Bracelets
Some colors symbolize the moods of a person, like red represents anger and blue symbolizes coolness. In the same way, mood bracelets depict the changing moods of an individual. Let us see the different colors of mood bracelets and their meanings.
  • Black - It means stressed, tensed or nervous
  • Brown -It stands for restlessnessAmber It means enervated and mixed emotions
  • Pink - It symbolizes fear and anxiety
  • RedAdventure, dynamism, excitement and energy
  • OrangeIt stands for daring and stimulation
  • YellowIt represents creativity and imagination
  • GreenIt represents a calm mood
  • BlueIt symbolizes happiness and relaxation
  • PurpleIt represents passion and romance
Jelly Bracelets
Jelly bracelets or gel bracelets became popular for all the notorious reasons, courtesy, a few isolated incidents in various high schools in which teenagers used them as sexual innuendos. This type of bracelet became so infamous that some schools banned students from wearing them. The truth, however, is that, these bracelets are actually awareness bracelets for different causes, a system started by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
  • YellowIt is used for the awareness of cancer
  • Pink -This color is used for the awareness of breast cancer
  • Half Blue and Half Red -This symbolizes epilepsy awareness
  • Green -This color symbolizes kidney donation
  • Blue -This is used for diabetes awareness
  • Orange -This is used for the awareness of multiple sclerosis
Friendship Bracelets
As the name suggests, friendship bracelets are given to friends. There are many types of friendship bracelets, the most popular ones are the string bracelets and the bead bracelets. The various colors of friendship bracelets have different meanings, which are as follows.
  • Red -This color symbolizes love
  • YellowHappiness in friendship (buddy) is symbolized by this color
  • Orange -This is meant for close friends
  • WhiteIt symbolizes pure friendship
Evil Eye Bracelets
Evil eye bracelets are meant to ward off evil. This bracelet is just like other bracelets, but with a bit of difference. There are beads on the bracelet which have a design of an inner eye painted on them. Earlier, they were regarded as a charm. The most common evil eye bracelets are mainly of two colors, blue or red. All other colors are simply for fashion purposes.
  • Red -This color symbolizes good fortune
  • Blue -This color symbolizes hope
So the next time you go shopping for a bracelet, or someone gifts you one, you will have a fair idea about what this wonderful accessory stands for.
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