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Boot Stretcher

Resolve All Your Shoe Woes With a Snug Boot Stretcher

Newly purchased boots or old boots can often lack the comfort fit. If you are owning one such pair, which is too tight to give you a comfy fit, then you can opt for a boot stretcher to solve your problem. Here's more about this useful footwear accessory.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
New shoes, which are purchased after proper trial can sometimes fit tight and pinch your toes. No matter how carefully you choose a pair of boots, it often happens that it doesn't seem to offer the essential fit and hence, lacks the comfort factor. Even shoes that are a few months old might fit snug and make you feel uncomfortable while you wear them. In such cases, you can take the footwear to a shoe store or a professional stretcher to get it stretched.
Shoe stretching is a procedure which is done very commonly in order to give you that perfect fit. Usually those individuals having shoe size which is in between two consecutive shoe sizes have to opt for a boot stretcher and get their pair stretched to the required size. Let's find out more about this useful footwear accessory.
What is a Stretcher?
It is basically a device that helps to increase the width and length of your boots. They work two-way, so that you can expand the width as well as the length of your boot and are hence, known as two-way stretchers. You can commonly find people opting for the other type of stretcher, which can just increase the width of a boot. This is a horizontal device with an extended knob at one end. As you rotate this knob, a horizontal rod extension keeps coming out from an inch behind the front end of the device. You can keep on rotating the knob until this extension is wide enough to stretch your boot to the desired width.
Why Use a Stretcher?
As mentioned before, you might need to stretch your boots in many cases. Apart from a pair of boots being old or fitting tight, problems like swollen feet and bunions can also make them unfit for your feet and stretching them is the ultimate option. Instead of taking your boots to a professional, the tools designed for this purpose can be used by yourself. This will not only save the expenses, but also help you have a pair of stretched boots whenever required, right at your home.
The most popular stretcher is basically an instrument made of wood or plastic which has a rotating knob and an extension which can be adjusted with the provided knob. Though plastic pieces are cheaper, it is best to opt for a wooden stretcher as it is sturdy and lasts longer. If you are looking for a boot calf stretcher, you need to pick stretchers specifically designed for tall boots. A few designs work well for both men and women. You can also find the boot instep stretchers which are popularly used for stretching the toe area of pointed boots.
Apart from the instrument, you will need to buy a stretching solution as well. Often this is sprayed from the outer side area of your boot which needs to be stretched. You can buy a shoe stretching kit which includes the instrument, solution and a few more accessories. Stretching solutions are known to work alone after they are sprayed on the outer side of the boot. You need to wear the boots immediately and keep your feet inside for specified duration so that the shoe stretches to offer you a comfort fit.
With a number of options available in the market, the stretchers need to be chosen rightly. A stretcher always works well for both left and right shoes. Make sure you choose the right stretching solution and instrument that works great without damaging your pair of shoes. Do not overstretch your shoes as the same can't be tightened later! All the best!