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Why You Should Own a Pair of Black Wedge Shoes

Sujata Iyer Apr 21, 2019
Among women's shoes, black wedges are definitely becoming a must-have. There are so many outfits that these shoes can be teamed with. Let's find out more about them.
A pair of black wedge shoes is to women what a pair of slip-ons is for men. Not all may like them, not all may be able to carry them off with ease, but everyone who wears them falls instantly in love with them.
Wedge shoes have been in and out of the fashion circuit since forever. What are wedge shoes? They are a pair of shoes that have a wedge, either throughout the base of the shoe or just at the heel. And by wedge, we mean exactly that. A kind of extended block if you can call it that. Here are some ideas for teaming these shoes with.

Wearing Black Wedge Shoes

While wearing wedges may seem ultra glamorous and fashionable, the wearer must also take into account the size of the heel that she will be wearing. If you're not accustomed to wearing heels often, then wedge shoes are perfect for you.
They give you the elevated feel that heels provide, but at the same time, not at a very pointed level. Hence it is probably not as uncomfortable as a pair of stilettos. It is a good starting point and you can gradually move on to other types of heels.

With Ankle Strap

As far as strappy shoes are concerned, wedge sandals are the best option. You can have a pair of beautifully sequined black wedge shoes that you can wear for a formal occasion. An ankle strap will keep the shoe in place even if you are busy walking around.
So it is suitable even for a busy evening like hosting a party or something. With this, you can wear a pretty skirt and blouse. Since black is a neutral color, the color of the clothes does not really matter. You can also have shoes with a strap running across the center of the foot. This provides more support to the foot of the wearer.

Pump Shoes

Another option for durable, comfortable, and good-looking wedges are pumps. They are a classic favorite for formal wear. And black pumps definitely take the cake as the best option for office wear.
Throw in a pair of high-heeled black wedges and you have the best-looking legs at work. You can wear them plain or brighten them up a bit with a bow or a small velvet flower at the toes.

Peep Toes

Ah! If there's one thing that a woman must absolutely have in her shoe rack, it's a pair of peep toes. No closet of women's shoes is complete without it. Now, just imagine a beautiful wedge heel at the bottom of a cute little peep toe. Gorgeous isn't it?
There are numerous patterns, designs, and styles available, so you'll be spoiled for choice. If plain black is not your thing, then you can experiment with a few colored dots or patterns on the shoe or just on the heel. Peep toes are perfect as office wear and also for a semi-formal occasion.
One basic pointer when you thinking of buying black wedge shoes: see to it that the heel of the shoe is black in color. Experiment with the color of the heel only if you plan to wear it for casual occasions. A beige or a light brown will work well too. Go get your pair right away!