Classic black outfit idea

25 Black Outfits that are Nothing but Classic

Fashion trends will come and go, but black outfits will forever be a wardrobe staple for almost every woman. In this Buzzle post, you will get to see 25 ideas for wearing an all-black outfit that are nothing but classic.
"Women who wear black lead colorful lives."
― Neiman Marcus
The word 'trendy' doesn't even begin to describe how we women feel about black-on-black outfits. It's sharp, seems effortless, looks flattering on almost anyone who dares to wear it, and has always been a fail-safe, go-to style for many occasions. Standing the test of time, perfecting this style requires a few ground rules:
  1. Understand how different types of fabrics and textures affect your overall look.
  2. Yes, black is slimming. However, your clothes should also fit you properly.
  3. Black outfits work wonders during winters, but if you'd like to wear them during summers, opt for silk, cotton, and linen pieces.
  4. Accessories play a huge role in 'completing' any outfit. For your black ensemble, don't hestitate to pair it with bold and colorful accessories.
And on that note, we want to show you 25fashionable and cute all-black outfits that you can wear on various occasions.
1. Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress with Black Accessories
One of the most iconic fashion designers, Coco Chanel, invented the Little Black Dressand wore all-black dresses adorned with long pearl necklaces. The trend which was invented in the '20s is still alive and popular among women across the globe. You too can embrace this style for either a cocktail party, a red carpet event, or even as a street fashion ensemble. Basically, your LBD can be worn practically anywhere, everywhere. But, to make the ensemble work, make sure that you accessorize with care and don't overcrowd the dress itself.
2. Floor-length Dress
Black Formal Dress with Black Accessories
For a formal occasion, you can never go wrong putting a gorgeous black gown on. Regardless of how fancy an event is, a floor-length black dress/gown can easily save the day. Depending on the neckline and style of the dress, you can accessorize with earrings (not chandeliers), a fabulous cocktail ring, and a clutch purse. On the other hand, if you're craving some color and would like to tweak the outfit just a little, add a colorful purse, shoes, or a wrap for an instant transformation.
3. Pants with Lace Top
Black Pants and Lace Top with Black Accessories
A wardrobe essential for every woman out there, a well-fit pair of black pants is always a good idea; and there's a ton of variety too. From black jogger pants to the ones available in leather, linen, cotton, pleather, etc., you can put an outfit together with either of them. The only thing you need to remember is to select a top that will complement the fabric, style, and cut of the pants you've got on. Accessorize with items that will work for not just the event you're wearing the outfit for, but also the time of the day.
4. Short Skirt
Short Black Skirt with Black Accessories
An ensemble that works in summers and winters, a black skirt is the perfect way to play with textures―it's where the beauty of all-black lies in. To create your very own uber chic outfit, try to blend fringe, leather, suede, lace, fur, and sheer together (but not all at the same time as that would look ridiculous). Accessorize sensibly with limited pieces, such as a watch, shoulder bag, earrings, bracelet, or hat, to complete the look.
5. Tulle Dress
Tulle Dress
If you're in search of something whimsical and feminine, go with a black tulle dress. It's a perfect dress to be worn at formal events (weddings, etc.), but chic enough that you can carry it off as a street style. And that can only be possible with the style of accessories you've got on. As the dress itself is so romantic and inviting, the best thing to do is highlight it on its own. But if accessories are essential to you, add no more than two items.
6. Plus-size Dress
Black Plus-size Dress with Black Accessories
As a plus-size woman, black outfits can be used to your advantage. As we mentioned earlier, wearing all-black clothes can help you look slimmer, if the clothes fit you well. For a more flattering look, choose a dress, pants, or skirt that gives your body a proper shape without making it look drab. Experiment with (a few) accessories depending on the outfit you've got on, and you'll be ready to head out of the door.
And, that's how easy it is to put an all-black outfit together. But, we're not done yet! We've got so many ideas floating around that it would be a shame not to share it with you all. So, scroll down and enjoy seeing additional19 monochromatic ensembles.
We hope that these outfit ideas inspired you to get out there and rock this flawless color. From dresses to bags to shoes, wearing black outfits can truly rule the world, if one can learn the tricks to remarkably pull it off.