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Black Diamond Earrings

Black Diamond Earrings
The shimmering precious diamonds colored in the classy and seductive black embracing your ears! If you are mesmerized by black diamond earrings with this amazing combination, then this article is for you.
Shalu Bhatti
The color black has been in trend since ages. And diamonds are the most popular symbol of royalty and luxury. Because black diamonds meet both these parameters, it's impossible for them to let you down when it comes to the most stylish display of fashion and attitude. The stylish and seductive black diamond studded earrings are popular in both men and women.
Black Diamond Earrings for Women
The most famous sayings; "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and "Black is beautiful" are always said when it comes in context to women. And these two sayings are clearly evident in the shining, stylish, and shimmering black diamonds! Ear piercings are the first piercings in our body, aren't they? The way the beautiful jewels enhance our ears with style, grace, and beauty is remarkable..., and if you are a diamond fan, you can embrace yourself with "carbonado", which happens to be another name for black diamond, which is the most porous among all forms of diamonds.
Price: You need not worry about the budget too. All of this is available within your budget range starting from around $120-$150, and going up to thousands of dollars. The main reason for such wide range of price depends upon the quality of the black diamond. You will find a variety of designs to choose, from natural black diamonds to "enhanced" black diamonds. Unlike naturally formed black diamonds, enhanced black diamonds are ordinary diamonds which are treated to change their color to black. They are equally enigmatic. The difference is just in the quality and personal choice.
Designs: Black diamonds look best with white gold. The charming color combination gives an appealing look to the diamond jewelry. As far as the shape of black diamonds are concerned, you get them in many shapes and sizes. You can choose the stud earrings, fashion earrings in the shape of princess, emerald, round, oval, heart, pear, cushion; with sophisticated backings of screw, push, lever, or hinged snap which add elegance to these earrings.
When it comes to pleasing a woman, there should be a lot of variety to choose from! Apart from the designs mentioned above, black diamond hoop earrings, drop earrings, and dangle earrings with big and small cluster of shining black star like diamonds, made with the combination of white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, is a treat to the eyes! So, if you're planning to purchase your first black diamond jewelry, don't delay a single second!
Black Diamond Earrings for Men
Gone are the days when earrings was just for women! Embracing your ears with trendy and stylish stud earrings is something that you find most of the men doing these days! Accessorizing has become equally important for them too! Another thing that relates black diamonds to men are the naturally similar traits! Diamonds as it is, are the most tough and strong form of gemstones, but black diamonds are harder because of their crystalline and unique internal structure. Therefore the "Dark-Strong and Handsome" combination of man and black diamonds, is sure to set and in fact, has already set a mark in the men's fashion world!
Price: Relax ! As, I have mentioned earlier, the market gives you an option to choose according to your budget. You can find some interesting deals starting from as low as $95, and going up to as far as you want to stretch your pocket! :) You wouldn't have to stretch your pocket way too much because unlike women, most men opt for small and stylish stud earrings which will fit well in your budget!
Designs: Men too have a lot of designs to choose from. Black diamond for men are designed specially to enhance their masculine look and fashion statement. Another amazing thing about black diamond studs for men is that they can be worn with any attire, formal or informal. Again, you can choose from various masculine designs like square, round, oval, cushion, etc., to suit your choice. A small yet hugging hoop black diamond earring with platinum would look amazing on men. A screw single black diamond stud, again would be a good choice. In short, no matter what design you choose, black diamond studs would be more than enough to set a style statement and enhance your sex appeal.
Personally, if qualities like strong, unique, bold, fearless, independent, represent you, then wearing a black diamond earring is a way of whispering these traits into your ears all the time, just to remind you that "You are as strong, as bold, and as sophisticated as these earrings."