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Best Watches Under $1000

Best Watches Under $1000
If four digits scare you, here's a soothing discourse over the best watches under $1000 that make your wrists 'oh-so-watchable'.
Veethi Telang
I left no stone unturned in escaping wrist fashion. Ever since cell phones chipped in, I stopped wearing wrist watches - they became more like a matter of onus to my hand. Years later, in another attempt of sweeping me off my feet, wrist fashion introduced a range of watches that not only displayed time, but days, months, years too. Nope, still couldn't seduce me to a degree. It's when the wrist fashion expanded its horizons in terms of mode, and soared high as a must-have fashion accessory for both men and women, that I twirled my head towards donning one on my wrist. Fashion went beyond realms, trends flashed in and flashed out, and wrist fashion turned the page unbelievably. I have a lot of crazy friends who are as loyal as a girlfriend (did I sound chauvinistic?) to specific brands of watches - budget no bar. However, to me, bar is a necessity (no pun intended, we're talking watches here!).
That whips me up to offer some of the best watches under 1000 dollars. A thousand dollars is not much of a squander if you're looking for a piece having a reliable name, the quality of being a trend-setter, and most importantly, a piece that shows the right time (that's most important!). So, brace yourself to embark on the world of wrist accessories that are, without fail, a lucrative buy for your wrists.
Worth-stealing Watches Under $1000
I see many not-so-fashion-freaks arguing over buying an expensive watch. They say, "Do expensive watches show a different time? Or do they tell future or something? Why squander money over something that's just so irrelevant!". To their surprise, I have abridged a decent list of the best watches under thousand dollars that have transformed wrist fashion from a basic watch with designer straps into something that is acknowledged by famous fashionistas all over the world today. A sound budget lets you stretch your legs in air, and choose from a much better variety of wrist watches. Wrist accessories, particularly watches, have allured many. The following bunch of words will tell you why it is so.
For Men
In words of Al McGuire, When a man takes off his coat, he's not going to fight. When he takes off his watch, watch out! Exquisite designs, mind-boggling features, and indeed, a prized possession for men... Watches do play a role in a man's life. After all, it is one of the few accessories that men don, and if I do not sound much prejudiced, wrist watches is one thing for which men surpass women in terms of shopping. Nevertheless, here's presenting the top 10 watches for men to choose from.
Longines WWW $999
Baume & Mercier Classima 8485 $999
Tag Heuer Men's CAH1110 $975
Hamilton Classic H32545555 for Men $745
TX 650 GT Flyback $725
Victorinox Swiss Army AirBoss Mach 4 $650
Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium $725
Citizen AV0021-52H Eco-Drive $695
Tag Heuer F1 Watch (2011) $999
TechnoMarine Nitrox $480

For Women
Wrist-fashion has more to do with women. Most women don't care what time it is - they wear wrist-watches more as a wrist accessory. However, there are some females who are fond of reading time in a much branded way, and are fashion-driven to such an extent that they would not mind sleeping with a wrist-adornment on their hand. Considering this rage in women, watch companies have offered countless options within wrist-watches to the lassies to tip their hand on, literally. However, amassing all the top-of-the-line watch brands names in this write-up is not possible. Hence, I have put forth my picks on which are the watches under thousand dollars that are worth splurging on for the ladies. Following are what I could come up with.
Movado Women's 604983 Amorosa $995
Movado Women's 606269 Sapphire Synergy $995
Junghans Max Bill Automatic $940
Seiko Women's SRKZ86 Two Tone Stainless Steel $935
TAG Heuer Women's WAF1412.BA0823 $999
Gucci 5505 Women's Watch YA055506 $695
Technomarine Women's Neo Classic Chronograph $480
Stowa Airman $780
Tissot Women's T22.1.151.21 T-Sport PRC $820
Bulova Women's 98R112 Stainless Steel $530

- The prices mentioned above are approximate, and may be subject to change.
Brands such as Cartier, Omega, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Piaget are somewhat above of what you're contemplating on squandering. However, a slight raise in the budget can give you an experience of a lifetime.
While we're living in an era when one can see the time changing on every widget, time pieces like the ones mentioned above have their own beauty and worth. The above-mentioned picks are, undoubtedly, timeless and are something that catches your eye. Get a comprehensive review of any and every designer watches you opt for, as $1000 is a big number. So, stop marveling over their beauty, and grab one as soon as possible. Your time starts... now!