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Best Synthetic Diamonds

Narayani Karthik Nov 23, 2018
Diamonds are always the cynosure of every woman's attention. But synthetic diamonds? Well, to know about the best man-made diamonds, keep reading...
Diamonds are one kewl kind in the galore of jewelry and needless to say, every woman's favorite. They look enticing, give a rich look and feel to a personality, lifts up moods and brings in an aura of novelty. A royal stone, must say!
Anytime, you pass by the stores of De Beers, the regal look of the stone takes your breath away, but the price tag of your much anticipated diamond jewelry looms large in front of your eyes. Well, what if you get the diamonds with the same look and feel (not the real ones, of course!),at a reasonable price? Synthetic diamonds! Sounds interesting, isn't it?

Top Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamond is a diamond, as the name suggests, but is artificially manufactured by a technical process, unlike the real diamonds which are a product of the geological processes over the years.
Synthetic or simulated diamonds (also called man-made diamonds), are known as CVD diamonds or HPHT diamonds (High Pressure High Temperature Synthesis method). A chemical vapor deposition method is also used to manufacture these look alike diamonds.
Their properties like hardness, electron mobility and thermal conductivity depend on the manufacturing technique adopted. In a few cases, it has been observed that the properties are even superior to that of the natural diamonds. No wonder, they are a huge commercial success, as they find application as ultraviolet detectors, in abrasives and in heat sinks.
But on the cosmetic front, they ought to become every woman's favorite. These simulated diamonds can be cut into gems with various shades like white, yellow, brown, blue, green and orange.

Russian Brilliants

A very attractive and simulated diamond, its properties are quite like that of real diamonds. Besides, when they are cut, they exhibit a D-E color with a flawless clarity.
They are singly refractive and have no rainbow consequences, which are quite common in other diamond substitutes. Precisely, they are high quality cubic zirconias and are priced at USD 196 per carat.


Moissanite is yet another diamond substitute, although it does not have the hardness of a diamond. However, with its beautiful tint of yellow and green, it emits a disco ball effect.
Coming to its properties, it is doubly refractive giving rise to a strong visual effect (birefringence), giving a blurred effect to the vision. Needless to say, this jewelry stands out in the crowd.

Cubic Zirconia

One of the oldest and also the one bearing a close resemblance to the real diamond, cubic zirconia is one of its kind.
Although not as hard as diamond, it is compositionally ace as compared to the real one. With an enticing brilliance and sparkle and with no inclusions, it is a superb substitute for real diamonds. Its hardness is about 8.5 on Mohs scale and is basically colorless.
Synthetic diamond rings look exquisite. For an engagement, this is the right pick for you, but if your finances are tight. One of the online store that deals with lab-created diamonds is Brilliantearth . Look for options and select your pick. After all, 'diamond at an affordable price' is just like a dream come true!