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Best Summer Dresses for 2019

Divya Bichu Feb 1, 2019
To look youthful and attractive this sun-kissed season, check out the best summer dresses for 2019.
Women are absolutely fascinated with summer dresses, because such an attire gives them an opportunity to show off and flaunt their style.
To keep up with what fashion dictates, and look attractive, is something every fashionista looks forward to. To find the perfect sun dress for every occasion and steal the show every time, is not easy.
A lot of factors have to be considered for the perfect summer dress, right from the fabric, style, color, to the accessories that go with it. Some colors will look super chic only in summer.
The colors of 2019 are living coral shades and sage green shades. Bohemian bright prints and contrast colors are also the talk of the town.

Beach Wear

Fabric: Cotton, rayon or linen.
Style: Animal print wears are in fashion this year. Bohemian short or maxi dresses with or without slit, scoop neck-line with a floral design, knee-length dress or a kimono.
Description: Wear the beach dress, a pair of sunglasses, accessorize with flowers and beads, soak up the sun rays and walk in the sand. For a beach cocktail party you can wear a long or short dress, do a messy-bun hairdo and have fun!

Casual Wear

Fabric: Self-printed cotton fabric designs and patterns.
Style: Boiler suits are trendy and are referred as the default casual look of the year. Puff shoulder seem to rule the summer. The classic animal print dress, or a strip dress with a little embroidery and a hat on the head seems fun, casual, and comfortable too.
Description: A casual dress is worn on a daily basis, so it demands extra comfort and a decent look. Therefore, an A-line animal print cotton dress or a lavender colored spaghetti dress will look super-chic and comfortable. Easy to wear, loose fitting and option to belt it up makes boiler suits a comfortable dress and it can go with many latest hairstyles.

Club Worthy

Fabric: Italian satin would be ideal, since drapes and layers look fantastic in them.

Style: Off-shoulder, backless, frills on one side sleeve, knee length or a little shorter, look ravishing.
Description: Women can look pretty yet sensuous at the club with this combination of summer clubwear. Wear a pair of high heels, let your hair down and dance your heart out!

Evening Parties

Fabric: Velet glossy materials go well for parties. Light chiffon or duchess satin works perfectly well for evening parties.
Style: Off shoulder pattern is one of the most trendy patterns for evening party dresses. Along with it ruched velvet dress, A-line princess gowns are also appealing many women this season. Strapless, sleeveless, backless dresses, or slits make you look beautiful and attractive.
Description: Choose from these dresses to look ravishing at an evening party. A slit gown with a nice hairdo, and shinny pumps will make you look gorgeous.

Cocktail Parties

Fabric: Satin or Georgette
Style: For cocktail dress, V-neck pattern runs the season this year. A short one piece with open V-back is one of the most trendy patterns.A classy dress that reaches just above your knees with adjustable spaghetti straps looks amazing. Frills, plunge necklines, and slits give you an attractive look.
Description: During the summer, cocktail dresses are such a rage. Although they have a decent and elegant look, they ought to have a sexy edge. The aforementioned summer cocktail dress would definitely help you achieve this magical effect.


Fabric: Silk, georgette or chiffon. These fabrics are light, floaty and they highlight the cuts, designs, and drapes made on the dress.
Style:  For wedding dress, the crop pattern rules the summer this year. Long, sleeveless, or off-shoulder dresses would be perfect for summer weddings. Soft fabric and a loose pattern would be comfortable.
Description: The fabric works perfectly well to fight the summer, and the long, flowing dress style will put you at ease. Moreover, the light pastel shades or white color, would look just wow!

Long Summer Dress

Fabric: Linen, cotton, and rayon as they are made of a light, loose fitting material, that is extremely comfortable.
Style: High neck maxi gowns are the most trendy and fashionable patterns for long dresses Strapless, Bohemian prints, slits, floral prints, or a solid color dress will give a casual, and comfortable look in the sunny days.
Description: These dresses are the classic ones, and they are here to stay for a very long time, so invest well in a long summer dress. A summer dress with a pair of flats, and a hat looks beautiful!
A comfortable fabric coupled with a unique style and bright colors offers a look that one can't resist. These summer dresses may also provide utmost comfort and a lighter feel in warm weather.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab these best summer dresses for 2019, and sport them according to the occasion, to enjoy the attention and make heads turn!