Best Jeans for Big Thighs

What You SHOULD Know About Buying the Best Jeans for Big Thighs

Jeans are always staple for comfort clothing. For bodies that derive focus in the lower areas, here are some best jeans for big thighs.
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Now this is a relief for bizarre jeans wardrobes struggling to get perfect fitting jeans for big thighs. Jeans are like soul sisters of fashion clothing. They have ruled generations with ease and revolutionizing designs. More than half the globe loves this comfort wear, and so do you. But choosing the perfect fit for your body type may not be close to comfort. And for people with big thighs, finding the accentuating jeans for big thighs is quite a task. Most of you reading this article have made rounds of the mulberry bush endless times when shopping for jeans. Either you get jeans that fits on the waist but not the thighs, or jeans that will fit perfectly on the thighs but will leave your waist with baggage space. Flaunting those legs sure is in vogue, but you do not want your thighs to overpower your complete look. So for all those pear and hour glass bodies, this article is your designer for the day.

Choosing the Jeans

The most important thing is to understand your body type and then chalk down the options. It is when you understand what your body looks like, can you dress it with the best.

Big Thighs - Athletic Legs
Women who have athletic thighs may want to try jeans that come with a stretch and light up in darker shades. Make sure the stretch is not too tight, you just want to show the athletic legs, and not prove that the fabric is too small for your body. Boot cuts with a normal flare, and low waist bands that mark the natural waistline are good too. Boot cuts are one of the best options for men with big thighs.

Pear Shaped Body
For women with big hips and thighs, a balance of the right fit and vision works well. Opt for jeans that have a straight fit like a straight leg or a trouser leg. Mid rise or low rise jeans that fits the widest part of the waist will make your hips look leaner and legs longer. Extremely low rise jeans will make your legs look shorter and your torso long, so choose the one that is not too low. Wear boot cut jeans with an average flare. A super flare boot cut jeans is a strict no, as it will only make accentuate the proportion of your thighs to your knees. Jeans fabrics with a little stretch will make the difference. Buying tight fitting jeans will not make your hips and thighs look leaner, they will only give a more defined look of your big thighs. So do not buy jeans that makes you struggle to fit into. Buy jeans of the right size that will make a neat and lean look. Avoid wearing jeans that have light colors for washes, go for the darker shades. Check for jeans that have the outer seams in the further front, this will make the illusion of leaner thighs. When choosing a pair of jeans, make sure it does not have pockets that are too low or placed too wide. It will only make the butt look bigger and the legs seem shorter.

Hour Glass Body
Yes, I know these are close to perfect bodies, but some may have a little heavy bottom. So here is a little peak for the jeans for big thighs and an hour glass body. You might want to accentuate your slender perfect bodies, but with taking care of the extra curves. Wearing jeans with a boot cut and a little extra flare is not a bad idea. Avoid wearing extremely tight jeans or baggy jeans as well. Mid rise and low rise will work the best for you. Make sure you balance the proportion of your waist to the legs when choosing low rise jeans.

The Dos and Don'ts to Remember

It is not sin to have a heavy bottom and thighs, you still can flaunt the best of you with some tips along with these fashionable jeans.
  • Do not wear high rise jeans, they will make your hips and thighs look larger. Avoid very tight fitting jeans, specially at the knees.
  • Avoid jeans that have washes or embellishment or horizontal designs in the rear.
  • Avoid cramping of the fabric around the waist.
  • Wear tops that stop at the waist or end just below the widest part of the waist.
  • Use tops that have a flowing fabric, and bright colors to grab the attention on the upper half of the body.
  • Use belts that are loose, and fit your waist. Wearing them on the hip will make your hips look big.
  • Even when wearing jackets, choose long lengths that end on your hip.
  • Use accessories accordingly, use a belt that is not too big, handbags that are above the waist level, wearing pointed boots, etc. This will create a leaner look.
Use your mirror as a critic and follow the balance of illusion and design. Well, the designer signs off here, and I bet having big thighs will be no big deal when dressing with the best jeans for big thighs. You have all the right to sport a stunning look in jeans, so what now... big thighs? uh... we don't really care!