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Best Colored Contact Lenses

Planning to change your look into a more chic and fashionable one? Here are some best colored contact lenses for you to choose from for that striking look.
Marlene Alphonse Sep 24, 2018
There are many colored contacts to choose from that can change the color of your eyes dramatically and enhance your looks. But it is very essential to choose contact lenses that suit your eye color and skin tone.
There are three kinds of tints available in the market when it comes to colored lenses - enhancement tints, opaque color tints and visibility tints. Lenses with enhancement tints are designed in such a way that they do not alter the original hue of the eyes but make the eyes appear brighter.
These contact lenses are perfect for people who have lighter eye color. Opaque colored lenses are exclusively designed for brown eyes and consist of a mixture of colors to suit the natural hue of the eyes. In visibility tints, a tinge of light blue or green is added to make vision better. Since it is light, it does not affect the eye color.

Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

Many people ask 'what are the best colored contacts for dark eyes?' This question is quite common as it is a bit tricky (but not impossible) to change the tint of dark-colored eyes. There are three vivid and vibrant colors for best color contacts for dark eyes like gemstone green, brilliant blue and gray. You can even try light blue tint for brown eyes.
One of the best examples for best colored contacts for dark hued eyes is Paris Hilton. She looks fabulous in her light blue lenses that have beautifully camouflaged her natural brown eyes.

Best Contact Lenses for Blue Eyes

People born with naturally blue eyes do get bored of their looks and search for new ways to enhance their looks. Blue eyed people should try opaque colored tints, that will suit their skin tone.
Individuals having blue eyes, who are very fair and have blond hair can opt for green colored contact lenses. Individuals with a slight tan can choose from brown, hazel and honey. The best thing about these lenses that they are disposable contacts and can be changed if you get bored of that look.

Best Tinted Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a kind of eye problem which can cause blurred vision due to misshape of the cornea. People with this eye problem can also wear contact lenses. But they should not buy contacts without a prescription as it may alter the vision drastically.
For people suffering from astigmatism, there are some toric contact lenses that are specially designed for this condition. There are many color contacts for astigmatism that are designed to suit the skin tone and eye color of the individual. There are a few lenses with enhancement tints for people with intense eye color as well as for lightly colored eyes.
Some of them are available in deeper color tints that change the color of the eyes to give solid color suited for the wearer. Some of the most popular tints are amethyst, blue, brown, green, gray, hazel, honey and violet.
Here were a few best colored contact lenses for any eye type for that trendy look. You can buy these contacts from any optician. So what are you waiting for? Update your look with some of these colored contacts and get admiring looks from people.